The word “Bible” is derived from the Greek word meaning “book”: βιβλíο. It comes from the term “Byblos” – the Greek name for the Egyptian* city located in modern day Lebanon. This is where papyrus was produced – the material used to make books and scrolls. Papyrus was exported to Greece – the place where The Bible was written. However, Greeks (even the priests) do not refer to The Bible as “The Bible” (i.e. The Book). Since the Greeks wrote it, should not one of the terms they use be its official name? Here are the names for The Bible used by Greeks:

Αγíα Γραφή (“Holy Scripture”, or “Holy Writing”).


“Ευαγγέλιο” from “εὐαγγέλιον” – the bringer, or messenger of good news (ευ – good; άγγελος – angel, or messenger).

In English this roughly translates into evangelist, or evangelism. It is unfortunate that the charlatans who pose as evangelists are more like the bringers of bad news…but I digress…

It seems to me that the term, “The Bible” was used later on by those who co-opted Christianity (Egyptians/Jews). Since they wanted to use it as an instrument of control over Pagans (worldwide), they gave it a title which suggests that this is THE (only) Book they should follow. In other words, they wanted people to live according to their dictates. It also indirectly (falsely) links the origin of The Bible to the Middle East via the city of Byblos. (Besides, the Greeks would not use an uninspired title like “The Book” to refer to something so important to them.)**

When the Greeks wrote the (true, original) Holy Scripture, it was intended to be a philosophical, or religious document that people could study for themselves. Before the advent of organized religion as created by the Egyptians/Jews, this is the way religion was practiced by the Greeks. They had to learn for themselves via study, critical thinking and individual experience. Since they wanted to control people, they had to quash this freedom that was common amongst all Pagans, not just the Greeks.

A Little Off Topic But Still Relevant As Far As Being Lied To About History And Religion…

In the articles hyperlinked below, I go into far greater detail about how The Bible (Christianity) was taken from the Greeks and turned into something it was never meant to be.

In The Beginning was The Word 

If Jesus Christ Was A Real Individual, He Would Have Been Greek

The first article contains links to books that I used in my research. The first book – “The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry” – was where so much of my proof was derived in relation to The Bible’s Greek origin. This book has an extensive bibliography of very old works, some of which are impossible to find – there is one entitled, The Refutation Of The Egyptian Origin Of The Mysteries by J.S.M. Ward. I assume, since I cannot find it, that it has been hidden, or destroyed because it provides evidence that what has been sold as Egyptian (proto-Jewish) history and religion, is false. What supposedly originated there, was in fact, birthed in Greece. As I have recently discovered, in antiquity the Greeks did not go to Egypt to learn – they went there to teach: the Egyptians also went to Greece to learn (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 40, 44, 45, 55).

They have been trying to destroy Greece for centuries in order to bury the fact that they stole so much from there.


*”Phoenicians” is another name for Egyptians/proto-Jews but it was hijacked by them since the original winged people were the Hellenes (learn more here). In the mainstream historical narrative, you are led to believe that the Egyptians/Jews are different groups of people. They hide their true identities. They pretend to be people of different ethnicities, or religions in order to infiltrate, co-opt and destroy countries, institutions etc., as it serves them. This way they can blame people from those ethnic, or religious groups for the damage that they do. The Biblical story of the Jews first coming out of Egypt has a smidgeon of truth in it because it is from there that they originate but they were not slaves. They have never been enslaved.

**At the time The Bible was written, it was done so in Koine Greek which was widely spoken throughout the world thanks to Alexander the Great’s conquests (a crypto-Jew). This means that it was easy for those in power back then to (mis)translate sections of The Bible into any other language they were proficient in, as well as replace the original Greek in those parts that remained Greek, with whatever propaganda they wanted to communicate. Then, all they had to do was hide, or destroy the original in order to bury its true origin. The ‘decimation’ of the Great Library of Alexandria (built by the Greeks, including Euclid, The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 56), was a convenient way for important documents to go missing. I believe they were stowed away somewhere so that only the Jewish rulers and their descendants would have access to them.