When you understand that mainstream history is a lie, the title of this blog post will seem more plausible to you.

In one of my articles – In The Beginning Was The Word – I outline in the last section of that piece entitled, The Masonic/Greek Origin Of The Bible And How It Relates To Gematria, how the Bible was originally written only in Greek (i.e. by the Greeks). I provide evidence for my assertion. What I describe herein is the bastardization of Christianity. It will make more sense to you if you read the aforementioned hyperlinked article before you get into this one (unless, of course, you are a returning follower who has already read that post).

What I state below is bound to shock and offend some people but this will not prevent me from sharing what I have discovered over the last few years. Others will accuse me of being biased because I am Greek on both sides of my family tree – I am also a descendant of priests on my father’s side (my surname – Papadopoulos – means “the priest’s child”). I think ancestral memory helped me connect dots during my research. It’s almost as if I was there when it all happened.

For those who will read this, I recommend that you go all the way to the end (footnotes and postscript), so that you understand exactly what it is that I am communicating here. In no way am I blaming all Jews for the actions of some of them.

The Differences Between Judaism And Christianity.

Judaism does not involve the belief in a soul, or everlasting life – this is a Greek/Christian thing (as is the Holy Trinity). Judaism is based on the premise that people only live once in this world. However, it does involve the belief that people live on through the material realm via their descendants. This is why there are sections in the Bible that go on and on about so-and-so begetting so-and-so… Keeping bloodlines ‘pure’ is also important hence the incest. (Is it not an abomination that Abraham is married to his half-sister? In the Talmud, he is married to his niece – oh, the depravity!)

The Old Testament is mostly based on the Talmud – Jewish custom and law. However, it also contains Greek myths, laws (Natural Law) and philosophies that were already part of the Holy Scripture since the Greeks were the original authors of it. The original Bible also contained astrological and numerological references – including Gematria. Gematria was a Greek discovery that the Jews proceeded to claim was their own.

The purpose of hijacking and modifying the Bible was to rein in the Pagans (non-Jews), since most people in the world – including the Greeks* – were Pagan at the time the Bible was written (yes, Christianity has Pagan roots). In other words, they did it in order to make the Goyim/Gentiles more amenable to their ways thus accepting them as God’s chosen (superior to everyone else) people. (You don’t honestly believe that those words beginning with “G” – the labels for non-Jews – are terms of endearment, do you?)**

The Jewish day of worship is Saturday – the day of the week named after the planet Saturn: Satur(n)day. They refer to Saturn as LORD but it is really a heavenly body they are worshipping, just like Christians who are actually worshipping the Sun (Jesus Christ), which is why they worship on SUNday. Saturn also happens to be the ruler of the earthly domain which fits right in with their belief system: the material world is the only realm of existence, therefore, the ‘God’ of this world, is the only one worth worshipping. (For more detail about this Sun and Saturn symbolism, go here.)

When the Bible is read with a critical eye it is easy to see that the Old Testament and the New Testament are incompatible. Circumcision (another abomination), dietary restrictions*** and incest, have absolutely nothing to do with Christianity.****

Hell and The Devil: Not Jewish, Or Christian.

The concepts of hell and the devil (or, Satan), were concocted in order to fully entrench their control of Pagans via fear.


They had to make Pagans feel bad about themselves from cradle to grave. They also had to deprive them from any sort of enjoyment in life – almost all pleasurable activities became sinful.

The Fragmentation And Desecration Of Christianity.

There is no other religion on the planet that has so many denominations. This was all by design in order to weaken it. Christianity, in its purest form, is about morality. That’s what Greek philosophy was, and is about at its core, as was Speculative Masonry which began in Greece (along with Operative Masonry). The Modern version of Masonry is very different to the Ancient one as it too, was co-opted by the same people.

The desecration of Christianity is entrenched in popular culture – movies, in particular. (Who runs Hollywood???) The well-known evangelists make a mockery of it, too – they are only pretending to be Christian. Guess who the pretenders really are? (Learn more here. There have been many Christian pretenders over the centuries.)

Who Crucified Jesus Christ?

The answer to the question above, tells you who co-opted and attempted to destroy Christianity. I say “attempted” because Christianity keeps resurrecting itself in the same way that the Sun returns like clockwork, on the daily.


*Here is an excerpt from my article Preaching Is Teaching, where I describe how Paganism was practiced in Ancient Greece – it epitomized “freedom of religion”: 

“Interestingly enough, priesthood originated way before Christianity for the Ancient Greeks. Ordinary men and women could be priests performing ceremonies, etc., during religious gatherings. The Ancient Greek theology was Paganism, or Polytheism. Paganism was once known as Hellenism. Pagans were called “Hellenes” – the Greek word for Greeks. 

Hellenes had great freedom in relation to how they worshipped: there was no church (i.e. central place of worship), hierarchical priesthood, or Holy Book. Individuals were autodidactic (self-taught) when it came to the understanding and experience of their faith. They performed their own rituals, offerings and prayers, whenever and wherever they wanted to, in their own unique ways.

**Before you tar and feather me as an ‘anti-Semite’, you need to know that I learned about the Talmud from a Jewish man who is knowledgeable enough, and honest enough, to speak the truth. He can read Hebrew which means he can read the Talmud – many Jews cannot read it, so they don’t know what is contained within it. He did not have anything positive to say about it since it is entrenched in incest, pedophilia and the justifiable mistreatment of non-Jews because they are deemed to be inferior. He is also one of three people that I have come across who knew of the Bible’s Greek origin. Oh, I also heard the following words from him: “I can say these things, you can’t.” If you have trouble understanding this statement, I will translate it for you: “I, as a protected Jew, can say whatever I want. The rules that apply to you, do not apply to me.” This man is not a Zionist, Freemason, Satanist, wealthy, or an aristocrat – his point is that the only thing that places him above non-Jews is his Jewishness. (Some will say that this is not true since Jews have been perpetual victims throughout history. As I stated in the first sentence of this post: mainstream history is a lie. They (the Jews in control of the world; more on them in the postscript), hijacked the official historical narrative as they do everything else. The stories of their victimhood are manufactured and constantly reinforced in popular culture – movies play a major role in perpetuating this myth. Click on the hyperlinked ‘anti-Semite’ in the first sentence of this footnote in order to find out that the worst ‘anti-Semite’ in ‘history’ was himself a Semite as were his cohorts. That ‘racist’ term was invented to vilify anyone who would someday see through their lies.)

***What was it that Jesus said about the nature of food and of evil?

Mark 7:18 “Are you so dull?” he asked. “Don’t you see that nothing that enters a person from the outside can defile them? 19 For it doesn’t go into their heart but into their stomach, and then out of the body.” (In saying this, Jesus declared all foods clean.) 20 He went on: “What comes out of a person is what defiles them. 21 For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come—sexual immorality, theft, murder, 22 adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. 23 All these evils come from inside and defile a person.” (This definition of “evil” obliterates the notion that its source is the devil/Satan, does it not?)

****I will add here the subject of homosexuality…the Greeks would not condemn it because they were open about it. There is not any debasement of homosexuals in the New Testament. It’s in the Old Testament that homosexuality is condemned. However, the LORD does not bat an eyelid when blood relatives are fornicating with one another – he even rewards them for it. So…no to same-sex sex; A-OK to shared-DNA sex.

P.S. The theories put forward by truthers/conspiracy theorists claiming that the Bible is referring to alien (or, reptilian) bloodlines, are false. There are some good people looking for the truth who have bought into this, unfortunately. However, many peddling this psyop are members of the Jewish/crypto-Jewish aristocratic bloodlines that rule this world – they are also known as “controlled opposition.” Their role is to hide and preserve the hegemony of their own bloodlines by misdirecting people with this shite. If they can create and control official narratives, they most certainly can do the same with the alternative ones, too. It was the wealthy Jews who were able to infiltrate the ruling classes worldwide many, many centuries ago, due to their stolen wealth and interbreeding/intermarriage. You may thank these depraved people for the current state of the world, or tell them to bugger off. (Please do not be fooled by names that sound English, or Scottish and assume that they are not Jewish: the Jews (who were known as Egyptians in antiquity) infiltrated all royal, or ruling, houses thousands of years ago and so they appropriated the names of the indigenous folk. They also interbred with them so that they look like them. To give you a recent example: an Australian Aboriginal woman with the peerage surname of Lyon(s), made a TV appearance acting as if she was fighting for the rights of her indigenous people. Her surname tells you that she is an aristocrat and a Jew since all royalty is Jewish. You would not know it by looking at her. I recommend that you research the name of any influential individual, even when they come out of nowhere, no matter what they look like, on this website.)