I AM (Eγώ: Ego; Eίμαι: Ime).

Jesus Christ begins several passages in the Scripture with the words, “I am” – here are a few of them:

“I am the light of the world (John 8:129:5). 

“I am the resurrection and the life (John 11:25). 

“I am the way and the truth and the life (John 14:6). 

As stated in prevoius Biblical articles, Jesus Christ is an allegorical representation of the Sun/Light/Soul.

When he speaks, it is as if the Sun, or the Soul is speaking since the Sun represents the Soul/Self in the zodiac wheel. When Jesus says “I” in the original Hellenic script – Eγώ/Ego – he is referring to the Self/Soul: these are synonymous terms in both the Hellenic and English languages.

Ego = Self = Psyche (Hellenic word for “Soul”). 

It is interesting that there is no bashing of the Ego in the Bible. Given that the Hellenes wrote the Scripture in the first place and they did not degrade the Self, that makes sense. However, the crucifixion of Christ is a metaphor for the destruction of the Ego/Self/Soul (in truth, it cannot be destroyed, only transformed). Given that the Jews do not believe in a Soul, this may be a symbolic way for them to weaken it for those who DO believe in an everlasting Source of Life.

The occulted, astrological meaning of the crucifixion would be the occurrence of a solar eclipse, when things go dark. In relation to the death of Christ: Matthew 27:45 From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came all over the land. Even with this meaning, we are looking at a time when the Sun/Light/Soul/Ego/Self is weakened by interference from the moon. The moon is not a Source of Light since it only reflects the Light of the Sun: it would be invisible if not for the Sun. Therefore, it is a symbol of secrecy, of those who operate in the dark: the Jews who rule the world.

I will be told that the Romans crucified Christ but the Romans were crypto-Jews. Any way you slice it – literal or metaphorical – the Jews were, and still are, the perpetrators. This is why they invented forgiveness: it allowed them to keep getting away with their dirty deeds, century in, century out. This psyop also allowed other perpetrators to get away with their crimes. Is it any wonder that evil has dominated planet Earth for millennia?

The Vilification Of The Ego Is A Psychological Crime (i.e Mind-Rape, or Soul-Rape).

The overt desecration of the Ego has become entrenched via self-hating, mind-scrambling New Age philosophies. On the one hand, they tell you to get rid of your toxic, disgusting Ego, and on the other, they tell you to love yourSelf/Soul since it is the true you. Since all of these terms are interchangeable, they are suggesting that you hate yourSelf and love yourSelf at the same time: it’s schizoid. (The negative labeling of the Ego is judgmental which contradicts another one of their tenets: non-judgment…more mind-scrambling nonsense.)

The meanings of words are important because when you speak, or write them, you are using the actual meanings. If you do not know the real meanings of words (or symbols), then you do not know what you are saying (or interpreting). That is, you are unaware of what you are invoking, or bringing to life.

So, in relation to the Ego, when you vilify it, you are simultaneously hating on yourSelf/Soul.

Do you hate yourSelf, or do you love yourSelf?

EGO: wherever it is there you are, incarnate, or discarnate, you cannot escape yourSELF.


Self-Love (2009)

Respect yourself

Take care of you

Know your worth



Protect yourself

Avoid users

Chastise abusers



Enjoy your life

Do what you want

Accept pleasure


(Phoenix Rising: Healing from Sexual Abuse through Spirituality, p. 67)