Yes, that’s right – Creation/God/Nature/Natural Law does not mete out forgiveness. I have expressed this in previous articles. I will link them at the end of this post. Before you get there, I will elaborate on why I chose to revisit this topic at this time.

Earlier in life, I was inadvertently placed in situations where I witnessed the meting out of Karmic punishment. What I observed was gruesome since the crimes committed by the transgressors were gruesome: Perfect Justice Incarnate. In recent times, I am hearing about Karmic punishment being dished out to many people: users are being used; thieves are having stuff stolen from them; gossipers/haters who tried to destroy the lives of others are being exposed, and even having the same type of lies being spread about them… People do not decide when and how these things will be dealt with but they are ALWAYS dealt with.

I wrote about this Karmic time in 2019: Judgment Day & The Aquarian Age. We entered this Age last year. Many like to focus on the technological advancements during this Age due to the influence of the planet Uranus which co-rules Aquarius along with Saturn. I believe this focus is also aided and abetted by those who run this world because technology is their newest mode of control and parasitism.

Saturn is the boss during this Age and he is all about Karma – holding people accountable for their actions. The next Age, in a little over two-thousand-years, will be the Age of Capricorn. Capricorn is ruled exclusively by Saturn, so that will be two-thousand-years of pure Saturnian kickassery. So, for several millennia to come, people will be receiving their just deserts.

Natural Law (Karma) And Forgiveness Cannot Co-Exist.

Karma = Holding People Accountable. 

Forgiveness = Not Holding People Accountable (for more on the REAL meaning of this word, see the definitions in the following article).

Logically, you cannot simultaneously hold people accountable for their actions and not hold them accountable for their actions. Creation is logical and it always chooses accountability.

Individuals may forgive people if they want to, but they are not in alignment with Natural Law when they do so. In other words, forgiveness is an ideology that is incompatible with the very fabric of Creation.

If anyone tries to convince you that forgiveness is the higher way, or God’s way, you now have some arguments to show them how this is not so. They probably won’t want to hear them. You also have the right to reject their dogma.

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