Recently, I happened to be channel surfing looking for something interesting to watch. I came across a segment from some show/movie where a man lamented about the issue he had with stealing, cheating etc., as this would get him into trouble. He resolved this problem via the concept of ‘forgiveness‘. That is, he could do whatever he wanted, then ask for forgiveness, which would allow him to commit some other crime, ask for forgiveness again, be let off the hook, then he was free to do it again…

As I was rolling around on the floor laughing my ass off, I said to myself: “Fuck, this is exactly how forgiveness works – finally, someone who gets it.”

This is how it plays out in the real world: the one seeking forgiveness is not held accountable for his transgression(s), therefore he does not have to make amends, or be punished for what he has done. He is treated as if he never did anything wrong so that when he transgresses again, it is as if he has transgressed for the very first time – but this too, is forgiven. He can do wrong a thousand times over and still be treated as if he has done nothing wrong. There is no reason, no motivation for him to ever do the right thing.

Forgiveness is a croc of shit.