The following phrase is sometimes used as an explanation for the word “forgiveness”: “Life is for giving (as in “for-give-ness), not for getting (as in “to get, or take”). I did once refer to this meaning in one of my books but it was not in defense of forgiveness. I made it clear that I was not going to give my abusers something that they did not deserve (i.e. absolution).

Having recently examined the ways in which language is used as a weapon of mass mind control, I realized that those who run the world created the concept of forgiveness for their own benefit. It is a man-made construct because it is absent from Life/Nature/Creation (I have dealt with this before here & here).

The true meaning of forgiveness involves letting wrongdoers off the hook. I have already covered this in some detail here, but I want to add that those who create these definitions are from the upper echelons of society. They have ruled via nefarious means for centuries. So, it benefits them to constantly get away with their crimes against humanity. One of the ways in which they are able to get off scot-free is by making up words that, once embedded in people’s psyches, allow them to continue to rip them off, century in, century out.

You see, the ruling scum are takers/thieves. Most thieves do not openly steal so as to avoid being caught. What helps them to easily take what they want is convincing people that only giving is virtuous, and taking is some kind of a sin. This way, many will voluntarily hand over what rightfully belongs to them.

So, the concept of for-give-ness does not only allow wrongdoers off the hook – it also reinforces the notion that constantly giving is the way of Life/Nature/Creation. However, those who invented this ideology do not live this way themselves.

A perpetual state of giving is not in alignment with Life because receiving (getting) is also required. Life involves a balanced exchange of energy, a flow of reciprocity, that is best represented by the following symbol:


As evidence of the effects of a lack of equal energy exchange, think of people, or situations where one side is constantly giving, and the other side constantly taking. In this unbalanced state, the givers will eventually run out of money, or other material resources, motivation and so on, and will have to stop doing what they are doing. This may be by choice, but it may also be foisted upon them by Nature in order to create balance. People who are always giving may even end up becoming physically unwell in order to stop giving. When there’s nothing left for givers to give, takers usually disappear from their lives.

Now think about this on a global scale and understand its relevance in relation to what the rulers have been doing to humanity for millennia. Do you still choose to give them what rightfully belongs to you?