You cannot abuse an abuser. You also cannot steal from a thief. This is because any retaliation against such people is actually the execution of the Law of Karma.

Creation works in this way but many have been convinced otherwise by those who have controlled humanity for centuries (along with their flying monkeys). Creation is not abusive – it is just, balanced and harmonious. Considering the level of evil in the world, returning it to its rightful state is a stupendously kick-ass job, one that will not be accomplished via love, rainbows and unicorns.

Those who cause HARM will pay for it in some way, at some point in time. There is no such thing as ‘forgiveness’ in Creation, only accountability. They will either hold themselves to account, or it will be visited upon them. 

Many people forget, or do not know, that they too are the agents of Karma.

Confronting Scumbags In the Manner In Which They Deserve, Is NOT Abusive.

Naming and shaming abusers is simply calling a spade a spade. For those who are the victims of said abusers, it also allows them to take back their power. Abusers abuse in order to disempower other people. This has nothing to do with who the victims are, they did not ‘attract’ this because they are ‘abusive’. Children do not ‘attract’ pedophiles because they are ‘mirrors’ of them. The same applies to the harm caused to all innocent individuals.

Those who espouse the following belief are brainwashed fools: “Hurt people hurt people” (AKA “Abused people abuse people”). 

My vast personal and professional experiences provide ample evidence that the opposite of the aforementioned ideology is true. If this blanket bullshit belief was gospel, I should have turned into a monster based on the severe abuse I endured as a child. Same goes for the hundreds, if not thousands, of people I have encountered who have been seriously mistreated but they somehow managed not to become perpetrators.

Many would argue that all behavior is based on individual choices. However, there is more to it since there are differences in people based on inherent characteristics. Some people are predisposed to being abusive because they are psychopaths. Whether or not they are abused makes no difference to them – they are going to do it anyway because this is who they are. Those who do not have this inclination are far less likely to harm others because they are not hardwired to do so. In fact, because they have a conscience (unlike psychopaths), they are more likely to choose NOT to inflict the type of pain on others that was inflicted upon them. 

The Abusive Ways Of Many New Agers.

Lashing out at those who have done nothing to harm you, or others, IS abusive. This is what many New Age Airheads do not realize: THEY are the ABUSERS when they attack victims, or those who speak up for them, for not adhering to their demented beliefs. These people have NOT harmed them simply by not agreeing with them. When they are called out for attacking the innocent, they play the victim. This is a classic tactic of perpetrators: blaming victims, or people who hold them accountable.

How Confronting My Abusers Healed Me.

Many, many moons ago, when I started to deal with the traumas of my childhood, the first step to healing was getting in touch with my anger. This anger was directed at my abusers since they were the ones to blame. This permanently alleviated my chronic depression since depression is anger turned inward. (I speak about this in the following video.)

Many ‘spiritual’ people will tell you that forgiveness is the path to healing but this is not so. (For the real meaning of ‘forgiveness’, I send you here.) Their own behaviors betray them because what they fail to acknowledge they unload on to others. I have seen this countless times – an example: a woman who forgives her rapist but viciously attacks a parent who refuses to forgive the rapist of their child. Does this sound like a healed person to you?

What they believe is ‘low vibrational’, or ‘unevolved’ (i.e. anger, rage, etc.) they deny, but it remains with them since they cannot get away from themselves. (For more on the effects of suppressed anger, I send you here.) They peddle so-called healing techniques that disconnect people from their minds and bodies – they are methods of numbing and denial. They may as well recommend that people start drinking alcohol, or smoking pot in order to ‘heal’.

When you have been harmed by others holding the culprits accountable for the damage they have done, is the essence of healing. Those who rail against holding people accountable for their actions, fall into two categories:

1/ The ones who want to hold on to beliefs that they cannot adhere to themselves. They are usually profiting from said beliefs. They also want to come across as ‘evolved’.

2/ The ones who are guilty of wrongdoing that do not want to pay the piper in order for balance to be restored to Creation. 

Are you one of these people?

If not, are you familiar with such people?

If so, are they making the world a better place?