Judex: a form of Judge in early Roman Law








Ju = Jew

“Jud” is the root of the first four words in the above list and is also the root of the following Jewish words/names: Judaism, Judea, Judah, Judas, Judith, Judd, Jude.

They like to hide in plain sight, don’t they?

So, now you know who surreptitiously created the Western ‘Justice’ System.* Latin legal terms were created by the Romans who were crypto-Jews. Latin, itself, is a modified version of the first (Hellenic) alphabet (learn more here). The system they set up was designed to serve/favor them. According to their own laws as outlined in their UnHoly PlayBook, the Talmud, they are permitted to do so without consequence. (If you want to know what is stated in the Talmud, I send you to this site. You may also do your own research.)

Law permeates every area of life, so this means that they can screw with non-Jews from every angle. Jews are not supposed to tell non-Jews about any of this: it is supposed to be a big, fat secret. The time for secrets (and parables) is now over.

When this bigotry is called out by non-Jews, they are instantly stigmatized as anti-Semites (or Nazis): a complete inversion of the real discrimination going on here. Systemic racism is not based on the British/non-British, European/non-European, Aryan/non-Aryan, or White/Back divide (‘White’ is a cryptic way to, once again, point toward Europeans/Brits/Aryans as ‘racists’ because they are the fair-haired and light-skinned peoples of the world): it has always been a Jewish/non-Jewish thing. If ALL Black people were oppressed due to the color of their skin, then no Black person would ever be rich and/or famous. The Blacks that are able to occupy such places in society may do so BECAUSE they are Jews. If all Whites were oppressors; then pale-skinned Europeans like me would never experience racism (I have written about my experiences here). (They invented labels such as, “wog”, “wop” and “nigger”: they are different versions of the derogatory terms, “Goy” and “Gentile”. The worse treatment of darker-skinned peoples is still a Jewish thing. Look into the Talmud in order to find out what they really think of these people.) They created these false divisions to divert attention away from themselves. They did this primarily by fabricating history. This false reality was (and still is) cemented into people’s psyches via various means including, religion, the educational system and the entertainment industry.

Is this true of all Jews? No. I discovered the truth about the Talmud as well as the Bible (including Gematria) being of Hellenic (Greek) origin, from a few Jews during my Biblical research. If these particular Jews were racists, I would not have discovered such truth about their own religious/ethnic group. One of them from Israel, also disclosed the Jewish abuse of Christians and the vandalism of churches in that country. This is something you will never see on the 6 o’clock news since they own the entire mainstream media. Only made-up stories portraying them as victims are allowed.

Jews have oppressed non-Jews for centuries. Wealthy/royal Jews may control everything but all Jews are ultimately held above non-Jews, according to their own edicts.**

What happened to the Justice system, not only in the West but worldwide, during the last two years when people’s rights were being violated? Where were all of the Constitutional lawyers? If this doesn’t clearly demonstrate to you who is really running things on this planet, then I don’t know what will make you SEE.


*I have a law degree. I decided not to enter the legal arena because I realized early on, that the justice system is inherently unjust. I now know why this is so.

**For examples of discrimination by Jews from every socio-economic class against non-Jews, I send you to the information contained in the postscript of the following article. (I have updated the postscript since I first published that piece a few months ago.)