When I began looking into the ‘truth movement’ in the 1990s, the one thing that everyone seemed to be talking about were secret societies. After a couple of years of doing some research into these things, I said to myself, “What if this is all misdirection? If secret societies are known to so many people, then they are not really a secret now are they?” There may be certain aspects of these organizations that are secret: their membership, exactly what it is that they do, how and when they do it, and so on. But why can so many people openly talk and write about them?

There are way too many so-called truthers making a lot of money off of ‘exposing’ these societies and they all seem to work together. Any animosity between them seems staged to me, as does any apparent ‘censorship’, or ‘vilification’ by ‘The Powers That Be’.

If these societies do exist, then these ‘truthers’ are their agents, lapdogs, etc. Or, are they working for other groups that truly are a secret? I would imagine that they are paid well for their services on top of what they take from an unsuspecting populace.