Letting go usually involves releasing what no longer works in life. It could be a relationship, a job, a bad habit, possessions, etc. This is easy to do when what you are extricating yourself from what has no significance in your life anymore. When it still has significance, however, letting go is painful and the only way around it is, through it – rituals and other techniques are helpful with this process.

Releasing Rituals

• Write a letter to the person or thing you want to release then burn it.
• Include this letter in a ritual where you light a candle and say a prayer.
• Burn or bury items that are from the person, place or thing that you want to let go.
• Go to any place that is sacred for you and pray or read a piece of inspirational writing.

Self Help Tips for Emotional Release

I have found that letting go cultivates anger and grief as things didn’t turn out as you would’ve liked, as well as fear in relation to now having to face the unknown. The following will help to process these emotions.

Anger: scream; hit or punch something that won’t hurt you back; confront the person via a letter or face-to-face; play some angry music and dance around; rigorous exercise.

Grief: cry – if you can’t, watch some sad movies or listen to depressing songs which will aid the process; write down your thoughts and feelings in a journal; talk to someone compassionate.

Fear: take a deep breath and exhale slowly counting backwards from five; write down what you are afraid of and notice whether seeing them in print makes them seem less scary; talk to someone who can help you either by listening or by assisting in another way (e.g. keeping you company, helping with tasks that you don’t have the time or energy to undertake yourself, etc.).

Happy Healing!