Mastering the art of manifestation involves becoming a magician in your own life. This requires drawing upon many different elements within yourself and your environment in order to “make it happen.” It is more than this, too, for what you are really doing is co-creating your life with the Source (or Creator) of All Life. To master anything means to become skilled at it – an adept. A true master also knows that there are limits to her or his powers. That is, you will still make mistakes, there will always be more to learn, and, no matter how grand your efforts, you will not always get what you desire, for Creation does not revolve around you, and only, you…take a moment to let this reality sink in… 

This article is based on my personal experiences…I am sure that you, too, have plenty of wisdom to share, or to draw upon, from your own experiences.


If you have not reached a place of wholeness within, you will never really know what you want let alone know how to go about getting it. It is not necessary to consult a therapist or healer, not unless you need to, or feel guided to, for some other reason. The process of discovering who you are by facing your pain or darkness and then transforming it into something empowering and life affirming, will eventually reveal to you who you are and why you are on the planet at this time (i.e. your purpose). Some of you may know your life’s purpose from childhood, but it may get buried in negative social conditioning or other responsibilities and issues (e.g. raising children, an illness and so on). Keep in mind that healing is an ongoing process because loss and pain are part of life, no matter how good (or, positive) you are, or, how much inner work you’ve already undertaken.

Another major issue that needs healing is lack of self-worth. Do you really believe you are worthy of what you want, what you dream about? I am reminded of the scene in the movie “Wayne’s World” when the protagonists bow down to Alice Cooper chanting “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy…” In the movie this is funny, but in real life most of you are saying this subconsciously (if not consciously) over and over again which results in making bad life choices…and this isn’t so funny! You need to believe that you are WORTHY and start acting accordingly. Belief is not enough without action – it is a form of “wishful thinking”. A good place to begin is to remove yourself from people and situations that are harmful to you…you know what I’m talking about here, so do it, NOW.

Listening to Self

This one is all about developing discernment – really listening to what is going on inside as a barometer of what is right for you. When you know thyself after healing the worst of your ‘stuff’, this inner guidance comes much easier. There are many and varied ways to do this: meditation; spending time in nature; through your dreams; your emotions and your body (e.g. a heavy, sinking feeling in the heart/stomach area, is a “No”; a light, uplifting warm feeling is a “YES”).


I am referring to analytical thinking which requires that you consider the pros and cons of going ahead with what you have received via inner guidance. When you have done this, perhaps after doing some research, then it is time to make a decision – also known as a judgment – as to what to do. In fact, you will make many judgments along the way about whether or not to continue, take another route etc.  


Actions can take the form of, phone calls, emails, meetings, writing or creating in some other way, finding funds and so on. However, even when you have set the wheels in motion, this does not mean that things will manifest instantly, or, even in a short space of time. Manifestations will not always show up in ways that you might expect either, so keeping an open mind is important. Recently, I saw the following statement on a billboard “unexpect the expected” – it’s a good one to remember especially when you are faced with the unknown. Sometimes the most effective action you can take is to tweak or abandon something that is no longer working, or, wasn’t so brilliant to begin with.


All we need is just a little patience…this has been the most difficult thing for me to do and yet, so much of life is about timing. People are not taught to adhere to this – going with the natural rhythms of your own life, the planet, the seasons and, the Cosmos, too. There are many reasons for the need to wait: lessons that need to be learned; healing that needs to take place; other people and situations being ready for you, your ideas and work; karmic ties severed or healed…and so forth…


Faith involves trust in Creation, which you are an important part of, as well as yourself. An effective way to know if you are faithfully listening to yourself is to pay attention to the signs in your physical world. This has happened to me many times in various ways, but more recently it has been in relation to the publication of one of my books. I always knew it would be self-published because I wanted to keep it real and to maintain the rights to my work. I encountered many obstacles and almost gave up several times, but at pivotal points in time, certain people and situations showed up that encouraged me to keep going. It is now published…Hallelujah!


Appreciation for all the good (and sometimes not so good), makes life sweeter, in most circumstances. Some days it can be difficult to be grateful about anything especially when you are experiencing some major tragedy. At these junctures in life, focus on the absolute basics: you are alive, you are breathing and functioning in this world to the best of your ability. When you are ready, you will rise like the Phoenix, and begin again.

Happy Manifesting!