To some people who land on my blog, I come across as a whack job, or ‘abuser’ when they read one of my rants aimed at some group of people that deserve it: those who rule the world and all those who are like them in word, or in deed.

It does not seem to matter to them that psychopathic rulers are committing mass murder all over the world right now, and have destroyed countless people’s lives over the last two years…no, I, and others like me, are crazy conspiracy theorists, or abusers… This is coming primarily from people who think they are ‘evolved’, ‘non-judgmental’, ‘non-egotistical’, ‘all-loving’ and ‘all-forgiving’. People who have not said one word in all of this time to expose, or rectify any of these atrocities in order to continue to line their pockets – their hypocrisy and charlatanism are off-the-charts.

Even though some will never return here because of my diatribes, most people do return. One reason might be because they know they will get genuineness. They may not like the way I express myself, especially when I describe them, but deep down inside they want the truth because they know they have been lied to since birth. They are not just hungry for the truth – they are starving for it.

If it isn’t a desire for the truth, then why would they keep returning to someone who makes statements that deeply offend them? A masochistic streak? A need to play the victim?

Political Correctness Is A Scourge.

Insisting on being P.C. is a sneaky way to suppress free, honest speech. It is a means by which to stop people from calling out the real deceivers, users and abusers in this world. This has turned so many people into snowflakes who are offended by almost everything.

Getting Mad (Angry) Does Not Make Me ‘Mad’ (Looney Tunes).

In fact, the opposite is true: if I unleash my righteous indignation at those who deserve it, I remain sane. Suppressing this anger is what causes many psychological issues. Stupendous denial of negative emotions and life events is the cause of many, if not most, nervous breakdowns and suicides. There would have been zero suicides related to the tyrannical events of the last couple of years, if said individuals had become enraged at those responsible for their misery: the rulers and anyone enforcing their rules.

In the last two years, I have unleashed my rage on this blog at those who have been messing with the masses for the whole world to see. I did it for myself but I also did it for others who, for whatever reason, could not do it for themselves. If more people were able to do this, the tyranny would not have lasted this long. Their aim was to divide people so that they may fight eachother, instead of them: the real oppressors. I have focused my attacks on them (and anyone like them, or colluding with them) in order to prevent, to the best of my ability, the manifestation of this agenda. If I need to do it again for any reason, I will, and if this disturbs anyone, they should move on from this website. They do not have the right to tell me how to express myself in my own realm. It is like entering my home and telling me how to live my life… Hell to the No!

Why is it OK to express anger/rage via movies, music etc., but when it is done for real, for real out in the open, certain people lose their minds? So, the pretend, theatrical/artistic version of this emotion is acceptable, but the real expression of it is verboten… 

I know this will be difficult for many to wrap their heads around but the expression of anger, which often includes swearing, is not ‘poison’. It also does not violate Natural (God’s) Law which is the only Law that matters in the Universe. In fact, getting angry aligns with it because it is the one emotion that will inspire action to make things right whenever and wherever there is injustice. Those who control the world – and their ancestors before them – have convinced people otherwise by feeding them a bunch of beliefs that have nothing to do with how Creation really works. The “Law of Attraction” (like attracts like) is not a Natural Law because if it was, children would never ‘attract’ pedophiles, and generous people would never get ripped-off. The requirement to forgive is also not aligned with Natural Law, because forgiveness is entrenched in lack of accountability when accountability is the foundation of Natural Law. Do they understand that if they adhere to these unnatural ‘laws’, or beliefs, they are breaking THE Law? All of the holier-than-thou-spiritual-types that claim to be all of those things I outlined in the second paragraph of this post, are breaking Natural Law on a daily basis. This is why they constantly violate their own beliefs – it is because they are unnatural. They do not realize how far gone they are when they condemn yet claim not to judge, righteous individuals – those who are aligned with Natural Law – whilst turning a blind eye to genocide and every other atrocity on the planet: there is nothing ‘holy’, ‘evolved’, ‘high vibrational’, or ‘spiritual’ about them.

If people had become angry about their rights being violated from every angle, the rulers would have been overthrown in a heartbeat. There are far too many people that are cut off from their primal emotions which, for the most part, has been done to them on purpose by their evil overlords. The controllers use various methods to suppress these emotions which disconnect them from themselves: soul-destroying New Age/spiritual/religious/psychiatric tenets and practices, as well as drugs of both the licit and the illicit varieties. Even though they are not responsible for the insidious victimization visited upon them by the vile ones, they are responsible for changing themselves. Maybe it’s time to stop swallowing their poisonous ideologies and substances in order to connect to the very core of their beings which will align them with Natural Law: from this place, they will be invincible.