When I refer to power I am relating to it from the perspective of energy, or electricity which – in reality – exists everywhere. Everything/one is energy manifested in one form, or another. For example, the energy of a chair is denser than that of a plant or an individual’s skin but it is still a different expression of the same essential substance.

Personal, or inner power must also be perceived in this way because we are all spiritual, or electrical beings. The word ‘power’ is often associated with electricity which I have had ample proof of every time I show up to a conference with my company name displayed on my name tag – “So, Helen is it? New Age Power – do you work for an electrical company?” I laugh as I respond with a “No” before delving into my mission statement about what it is that I actually do…

Yes, we are electricity: this is why most of the human body is comprised of water since it is the best conductor of electricity. This energy is what breathes life into our bodies primarily via the nervous system (which is of course, electrical) but we also have an energy field that spans beyond the physical self, known as the “aura”.

Understanding power from this perspective then means that it is only ever internal, or of the Self: it is not something outside of us that we must obtain in order to feel ‘powerful’. For those who feel powerless, and who are not aware (and some are not interested in becoming aware because then they would have no excuse for not changing their ways) that it only ever comes from within, it is very easy, or even normal to go seeking it elsewhere. This often involves taking other peoples’ energy which is abusive (e.g. controlling others via violence, criticism, threats and so on; taking their money via deceptive means; cruelty; manipulation, etc.).

When power is abused like this, once is never going to be enough for those who partake in this form of energization. This is because it is a temporary and false ‘fix’ which will need to be repeated in order for these people to continue to feel ‘powerful’. For those on the receiving end of such behavior, it is important that they take back their power from such individuals. Being assertive is one way (aggressive when necessary), but more often than not, walking away is the only other healthy option available.

The most important thing to remember in order to stay connected to the energy that powers through us essentially giving us life, is to embody it by staying connected to ourselves. The easiest way to do this, is to follow our true passions in daily life. This does not simply mean doing work that we enjoy – anything that brings us joy (as long as it is not abusive) is enough to help us unite with the core of our being.

However, we do not always have to ‘do’ stuff to feel connected – daydreaming, or spending time in nature, for example, sitting under a tree, are also ways to re-energize the power that is already within us (just like recharging the batteries in our laptops, or phones). Spirit permeates nature more than anywhere else.