⦁ Not consciously connected to Soul/God


⦁ Consciously connected to Soul/God

The above definitions relate to ‘power’ from the perspective of energy/electricity. Your nervous system is electrical, is a part of your body and permits communication between all three dimensions of your being (mental, emotional, physical). When running low on energy/power, normally you would go to the Source of all power to recharge – the Source is Soul/God.

Long-term identification with the negative side of life creates disconnection from Source energy. For the most part this is unconscious – you do not know how negative you are as it becomes second nature. This disconnect diminishes your power creating weakness or POWERLESSNESS on any or all levels of your being. The effects of this are varied and detrimental: physical pain, discomfort or disease; emotional pain; withdrawal from life; negative thinking (which leads to more negative experiences) and/or projecting your pain onto others by being abusive (e.g. getting angry with your children when you are upset with your boss; manipulating someone to stay with you because you are afraid of being alone; playing the ‘victim’ in order to get people’s attention etc.).

In order to keep functioning in the world you will eventually need to recharge your power – this can be done in two ways:

⦁ You will take someone else’s power/energy through negative or abusive actions. This is a temporary, false and unethical recharge as you would need to keep being abusive in order to feel ‘powerful.’
⦁ You will consciously connect to the Source of all power – God. Connecting to your Soul automatically connects you to Source as you are a piece of God. Your Soul is an individual spark of electricity from the Source of all electricity/energy/power.

Obviously the second way to recharge is the best (if you believe the first way is best please get professional help!). The easiest way to consciously connect to life affirming emotions, thoughts and behaviors is by doing what you love in life (e.g. writing, painting, spending time with children or in nature, helping people, fixing cars and so on). Another way to look at this is to live out your life’s purpose which is something only YOU can determine. This connects you to Soul/God instantaneously with very little, if any, effort creating many positive emotions and states of being while diminishing the negative aspects of existence. Of course, life will still have its challenges but you will be in a much better position to handle them when you are POWERFUL.


(This post is a modified excerpt from the book DIY Therapy Chart: An Emotional Healing Guide)