The importance of patience is something I learned long ago – things take time to come to fruition on planet Earth, no matter how frustrating that may be at times. Recently, I was able to appreciate it even more after finding an article about waiting that is divine in the author’s interpretation of the value of it. 

In his article, “I Will Wait For You”: The Meaning and Morality of Waiting, Brian Green describes the three most important attributes of waiting that I will only summarize below:

  1. Waiting for something/one means that it, or s/he is worth waiting for. If it’s a person, this person has a dignity that you respect.
  2. Waiting requires that you have faith that what you are waiting for will happen, or that the person you are waiting for will come through for you. In other words, faith in the process and trust in the other person.
  3. Patience is a form of courage. Patience requires long-term waiting which is a form of suffering because what you are waiting for is something/one you would prefer to have right now – this suffering can make you stronger

If you should ever find yourself struggling with impatience, this article may help you feel better about it. 

“The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.” ~ Fabienne Fredrickson