“Your experience isn’t real unless we tell you it’s real.”

In my first statistics lecture as a psychology student, we were told the following: if a phenomenon could not be demonstrated via scientific research, then it did not exist. This means that my personal experiences, and yours, too, are not real unless some scientist says so. I did not realize how much of a mindfuck this was, and still is, until many years after my graduation. So, academics will define your reality for you via the scientific method: this is an insidious type of brainwashing, or gaslighting.

Never mind that the scientific method is not flawless and has been corrupted by those with vested interests in the results of their research. There are also things that cannot be studied for practical and ethical reasons. The following is an extreme, and possibly triggering example, since there will be references to rape: let’s say a scientist wants to study the experience of rape – not the aftereffects, but the physical and psychological effects of the act as it is happening. In order for it to be a legit violation, the victim cannot consent to such an experiment because once consent is given, it is no longer rape. So, in order for this research to yield accurate results, an individual (there would need to be several participants in order for the study to have statistical power) would have to be violated by someone – for real – who was willing to do this, probably an actual sex offender. Do you spot any problems with this setup?

 Every aspect of existence cannot be verified by the scientific method. 

Scientists can get on their soapbox and tell you anything provided it fits the mainstream narrative. They are being paid to do so, of course. Those not toeing the party line are muted. We have seen this in the last two years with the silencing of any doctor, or scientist that has been able to demonstrate that there was no pandemic, the so-called pathogen has not been isolated nor is the test used to diagnose this ‘superbug’, a diagnostic tool. All they did was rebrand the flu*** but because it came from (corrupt) scientists, it was considered gospel by many who did not do any independent research.

Speaking of scientists who are slienced, there are those who can demonstrate that climate change is caused by Solar Cycles, not CO2 emissions. This means that climate change is natural and since the Sun cannot be controlled by humanity, it is something that will continue to infinity and beyond. Have you seen any of these scientists, sceptics, or, their supporters, plastered all over the mainstream media? Since there is a hideous agenda behind the promoted narrative on climate change, you will hear only what they want you to hear.

The search for knowledge involves honest investigation by people who have nothing to gain but the truth. This level of integrity in science is rare in this day and age.

You may be OK with letting scientists tell you what is real even though your own experiences show you a different reality. I’ll take my own perceptions, research and critical thinking skills, over their lies every time.


***The World Health Organization (WHO) is already claiming that it was the flu all along – oops, our bad. FYI: if we were truly at risk from some airborne pathogen, we would need to walk around in hazmat suits, not these flimsy masks. Masks that were disposed of all over the place instead of proper biohazard bins which, if this whole thing was legit, should have wiped us all out in 2020.