Minimalism began in the 1950’s as a form of art characterized by simplicity. It then moved on to a lifestyle that involved a lack of decoration in style, or design. Today, it has come to mean living with fewer possessions – that is, having less property, or owning nothing. Learn more here

Climate Change Is The Culprit.

Climate change is the driving force behind this need to have less, to leave a minimal, or zero carbon footprint otherwise humanity is doomed to extinction. You know that carbon is an essential element of life, right? When people breathe they exhale carbon dioxide, so will they have to stop breathing, breathe less often, or will there need to be less people exhaling – hence the depopulation agenda – in order to reduce carbon emissions?

Hold on, isn’t climate change about the increase in greenhouse gases (primarily CO2) caused by cow farts, the effects of petroleum usage, etc.? Well, that’s the propaganda that is meted out by those who run the world: primarily industrialists – those responsible for the effects that they blame on the rest of humanity. Do you honestly believe that they are going to give up their cars, planes, yachts and beef in order to save the planet? Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor after falling out of my chair, laughing hysterically at the thought of them giving up their lifestyles.

The Agenda.

The manufactured global crisis of 2020 saw the speeding up of this minimalist agenda, specifically by placing many people in precarious financial situations: some had to sell off their assets to survive; others lost them because they could not pay their debts; many small to medium sized businesses had to shut down, and more people had to rely on government handouts to survive. Financial dependence means people’s quality of life is determined by outside entities which results in control by these entities (e.g. governments and conglomerates).

The push towards a cashless, paperless society is part of this agenda: technologies like Blockchain, are sold as secure ways of buying and selling, of storing important documents etc., when it is all a smokescreen for greater control and parasitism. Those behind these technologies can do what they want with them. Imagine storing the deed to your house in such a system without a hard copy of this deed. They can just go in and take it – or make it disappear – so that when the time comes for you to prove that you are the owner of said property, you are screwed.

Who Are The Ones Behind This Agenda?

I have dealt with this before in other posts, but here I will provide links to articles that go into the backgrounds of three people who have featured prominently in the current agenda: Bill Gates; Klaus Schwab; Greta Thunberg. It is these self-appointed-chosen-ones that need to go minimalist by giving back what they, and their ancestors, have hijacked from humanity. This is a highly unlikely scenario, so people are going to have to take back what rightfully belongs to them. 

This would truly be the dawning of The Age Of Aquarius…