Someone recently left the following comment on this blogpost:

Hell sounds a lot like Hellas. Why?

My response:

The Egyptians/Jews invented the concept of Hell in order to bastardize Christianity. Of course, they would use the name of the place that they first infiltrated and destroyed with their filth. They turned it into ‘Hell’ for the Hellenes and then proceeded to do the same to the rest of humanity.

Hellas was Heaven on Earth but in typical Jewish fashion, they inverted that concept.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

My ancestors wrote the Biblical verse quoted above: ignore the Jewish name at the beginning because that is further proof of their tampering with the Scripture (for more on this, go here). Only a people that did not invert everything under the Sun would write a piece of poetic wisdom such as that verse. Why would the (ruling) Jews wish woe upon themselves for doing what they have done for thousands of years?


P.S. Whoever wrote that comment and a few others on other blog posts recently, is subbed to receive notifications for my blogposts. So, ‘he’ will receive this one today. After I responded to one of ‘his’ comments accusing ‘him’ of being a troll of a certain ethnic extraction, ‘he’ responded by sending me an email, calling me a fraud for assuming ‘he’ is a shill and for not agreeing with ‘him’ about ‘his’ narcissistic opinion on forgiveness (‘he’ admitted that ‘he’ is a narcissist). I normally trash these comments because I can smell a shill a mile away. However, I decided to leave these ones as examples of what I have to deal with on a regular basis. If I am a fraud, why is ‘he’ still subbed to receive my posts? I am well aware that a few of my subs are agents. Since I have already expressed myself quite clearly on this blog, coming here and trying to convince me of ‘his’ beliefs is not going to work on me. ‘He’ (they) is doing it to ‘get to me’ but he failed. It’s like trying to convince me that pedophilia is beneficial for the development of children…never…gonna…happen… All they do is give me more material to write about on my blog. ‘They’ may remove these comments at some point in time, but I won’t do it. It seems that the increased level of truth that is being shared via my blog has seriously irritated the filth within them. I can almost hear their thoughts: “She fucked us up.” It’s what I was born to do.