Over the last few weeks, I have heard several stories of people getting sick in ways that they have never before experienced. The one thing they have in common: they were injected with those thingamajigs that we have been told over the last few years would prevent us from dying from the flu. I tried warning people in my day-to-day life via the spoken word and the written word through the following article (scroll down to the paragraph in blue text). In some of my Biblical articles, I touch on what those who run the planet have been doing to humanity for millennia which mirrors what is going on right now. (Learn more here & here.)

Those who managed to escape this abomination, did the right thing for themselves and their loved ones. Those that fell for it, should know that they are not alone. For anyone who is as yet undecided about whether or not to get injected with these bioweapons, maybe the following list of symptoms suffered by those who got jabbed, will help them make an informed decision: full body inflammation, or unexplained weight gain; constant headaches; consistent gastrointestinal issues; colds/flu every other week; persistent muscular-skeletal pain: chronic fatigue; difficulty concentrating; cysts (ovarian, lymphatic).

Some are in denial about the causes of their ailments even though they admit that they did not experience these things before the jabs; others are starting to connect the dots and finally admitting to themselves that they were deceived by the authorities under the guise of ‘public health’.

What will it take for certain people to finally see and accept the truth?


P.S. I have heard from someone close to me who still uses Facebook, that some people are winning lawsuits against their employers for coercing them to get jabbed. If you are in the same situation, you may want to follow suit. (The posts on Facebook disappear very quickly once published. I have also noticed that there is nothing about this in the mainstream media.)