Thank God (2010)

Thank you God
For your Grace
Which no one, nothing
Could ever replace

Thank you God
For showing me the Way
Even though
Sometimes I stray

Thank you God
For giving me such Power
Strengthening me through
My darkest hour

Thank you God
For every Gift
Each always managing
My mood to uplift

Thank you God
For embodying Love
In this earthly existence
And the heavens above

Thank you God
For creating Me
When I look within
It is you that I see

I wrote this poem the same year I began writing my autobiography. I placed it at the end of the book as a testament to not only what it was that got me through the hellish experience of writing it, but also, what sustained me throughout my life. That is, what helped me endure the abuse I experienced as a child, as well as, dealing with the aftereffects of it in the years that followed.

I was reminded of this poem recently looking back over what humanity has had to endure (and is still enduring) in the past eighteen months or so, with the very clear abuses that have been foisted upon it by those who rule the world. If you are new here, I need to make myself perfectly clear: I do not believe there was a pandemic last year that most people have survived due to draconian Government directives, or by the Grace of God. I mean, the whole thing was made up by the vermin in control. The abuses of 2020 have been outdone by those that have been inflicted upon people in 2021. This year, the vaccinated are getting sick, or dying in the numbers that would have been more in line with the supposed pandemic of 2020. Methinks the ‘cure’ is more dangerous than the ‘disease’, or more accurately, the cure IS the disease. This has all the hallmarks of biological warfare. (For more on what I have stated in this paragraph, go here & here & here.)

I have been fortunate to have the support of family, as well as some like-minded folks online, during this abomination of a period in human history. However, when all is said and done, it is that which created me that sustained, and continues to sustain, me – for this I will be eternally grateful.

I need to make myself perfectly clear…again.

 This post is not endorsing passivity at a point in time when you should be standing up for yourselves by fighting against global tyranny. Being grateful to God, or anything life affirming, is inspirational but it does not stop abusers from abusing. If I hear one more ‘spiritual’ person say that love and forgiveness is going to triumph over evil, I will scream bloody murder.

The poem above is intended to ignite your inner power, that which the ruling scum have sought, via several means, to take from you for their own gain. If you fully embody this power – the life force that created you – you will tap into the strength to defend yourself, and those you need to protect because they cannot do it for themselves.

No matter how powerful, or entitled the rulers think they are, they are not God – they do not have the power to create life. In fact, the only acts they excel in, involve lying, stealing and destroying all that is Holy. They have amped up their controlling and destructive ways in the past couple of years because they know the end is nigh for them. Why? Because people are waking up. They are becoming aware of who these rulers REALLY are and the enormity of the crimes they have committed against them. This is going to piss people off…going by the protests happening all over the world right now, they’re already royally pissed off…

How will the rulers – a bunch of inbred morons that have never had to strive for anything – survive in the world when their source of survival (humanity) refuses to hand over its power in order to sustain them?