In the past year, I have been observing many of the new (and old) psychics, readers and healers that have sprouted online. I assume that many of the new ones turned to this type of livelihood because they lost their jobs, either temporarily, or permanently due to the manufactured global crisis. This kind of work cannot be undertaken for money alone because if they don’t truly care about people, their advice will always be tainted – this has Karmic consequences. Most, if not all of these people, claim to believe in Karma but they either do not understand it, or think that pretending to care does not entail any bad juju. There will come a day when they will have to pay the piper for taking advantage of vulnerable people.

If you have been following my blog in the past twelve months, you know that I have not bought into the global ‘health crisis’. I have explained what this is all about before so I do not want to do it here. Even those who bought into it in the beginning due to the fear porn, must now see that none of it adds up – this means that the whole thing was fraudulent.

The number of so-called ‘psychics‘ (this includes the astrologers, card readers, and healers who claim to have psychic abilities) that have gone along with this fraud, is staggering. They fall into two categories: incompetent, or fraudulent. The former, must not be psychic at all because a psychic is supposed to see the truth. Even if they lack the capacity for critical thought and do not do any research of their own, their super-duper powers are supposed to allow access to the truth.‏*** The latter know very well that the events of 2020 were based on one big fat lie, but they played (and still play) along so that they can continue to line their pockets – they have zero integrity.

Do you really want to waste your time and money on people of this ilk? 

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***I am being sarcastic here – I do not believe that psychics have unfettered access to the truth but they do, or claim that they do, in order to draw in clients.