Charlatans (frauds, phonies, impostors, etc.) exist in all walks of life. There are some areas, professional in particular, where you will find an excessive number of them – lawyers, used car dealers, other types of salesmen/women are a few examples… In my experience, none of the people in these arenas even come close to the charlatanism that exists in the New Age sphere (New Age Frauds: NAFs).

There are two major telltale signs of NAFs: firstly, the exorbitant fees they charge which are supposed to be – in this very materialistic world – a measure of their skill. It gives you the illusory impression that you are getting a quality service, or product (tens of thousands of dollars to become a Reiki Master – it’s a steal, literally, for the NAF teacher); secondly, NAFs claim to have all the answers because they possess magical powers that you do not possess. It is a lot easier for them to manipulate gullible and vulnerable people of their ‘God-like’ powers: I call it “the guru complex”.

As things continue to become more unstable on planet Earth, with profound falsehoods being revealed about organized religions, the government, medicine, history, education, non-existent pandemics, staged riots designed to enact martial law and whatnot…you may go in search of solace, or the truth, in something else, somewhere else.

The cult-like atmosphere of the New Age sphere is fertile ground for frauds taking advantage of lost souls. Even though you are responsible for your own decisions in life, keep in mind that making sound choices is difficult when your foundation has been ripped out from under you. You are not standing on solid (psychological) ground.

So, as the tide continues to turn with all of the lies that are exposed (including the disillusionment and despair that this will create), avoid the temptation to turn to NAFs because it seems that there is no other alternative – YOU are the alternative. In fact, YOU are your only viable option