Reject the notion that history is repeating itself – it is NOT! Of course those in power would like to have you believe this because it allows them to keep doing what they do but no…

History is a lie since they have been controlling the narrative for about 5,000-years. We all know the planet is way older than this and the people living here were not subjected to the systems that we have had in place for only a few thousand years: money, banks etc., did not exist in antiquity.

We are living in unprecedented times: what is happening now has never happened before and it will never happen again. The Astrological Ages that I keep writing about repeat roughly every 26,000-years but this does not mean that each Age is a carbon copy of the one before it. For example, every one born under a certain zodiac sign is not the same. So too, every Age that falls under the same sign will somehow be different the next time around. The Piscean Age of Mass Deception that we are now exiting, will not express itself in the same way in 26,000-years: it will be different based upon the extent to which people’s psyches have changed over thousands of years.


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