When I was in school, we were told that the destruction of Native people’s lives in places like Australia and the Americas, was caused by the ‘Europeans’ and the ‘British’. Little did I know, that the real, indigenous Europeans and Brits (English, Irish, Scottish) had nothing to do with the destruction of these people. These Western/White peoples who were supposedly the root of all evil on the planet, were infiltrated by Jews whose ancestors first came out of Egypt, more than 5,000-years-ago. After centuries of ‘interbreeding’ (this word is often a euphemism for rape when it comes to the treatment of women by those who invade their lands), they started to look like the indigenous Whites of those lands. All the better to infiltrate (and destroy) those populations. This also meant that they could blame the indigenous Whites for their heinous crimes against humanity.

Why were these parts of the world (Australia, the Americas) colonized by ‘Whites’ (crypto-Jews) only a few hundred years ago, when other parts of the world (Europe, the Middle East) had been colonized by the same pretenders (crypto-Jews) thousands of years beforehand? Because that is how long it took for the Egyptians/Jews to slowly infiltrate these lands. Europe and the Middle East are close to Egypt: Australasia and the Americas are further away, so it took them longer to get there. If colonization was the way of the indigenous Brits, they would have occupied those continents long before the arrival of the pretenders on their soil.

Now that I know all of this, I see the world through very different – fully opened – eyes.

Civilization’ was blamed for the ruination of these people but this was/is just another way to vilify Westerners/Whites. They peddle this mentality via the education system and the entertainment industry. Think about it: why would the real Westerners incriminate themselves through these mediums which are designed to deeply penetrate people’s psyches? It seems counter-intuitive, does it not? They want you to believe that advanced (Western) populations are evil because they can hide behind them, since after millennia of cross-breeding, they now look like them and occupy positions of power throughout the world. (For more on how they hide, go here & here.)

Knowledge, in and of itself, is not evil: how it is utilized by those in possession of it is what makes those using it either good, or evil. For example, weapons/tools used to kill animals for food, is not an evil act but necessary for survival; using the same weapons to kill people in order to take over their lands, IS evil.

I have already established that civilization began in Hellas but it was not a breeding ground for criminality. In fact, the opposite was true, since the Hellenes helped people from all over the world: they did not do it for money because it did not exist. Material wealth and acquiring property – including the human variety – was unimportant to them. I would go as far as to say that it was unheard of in their world. (The Hellenes even helped the highly moronic and deformed Pharaohs from inbreeding themselves into oblivion. The thanks they received came in the form of the destruction of their way of life and bloodlines.)

Co-operation was the way of the world before the Jews made everything about trade: they invented money. Living in accordance with Natural Law does not require trade/money. It requires that any harm caused to others is rectified, and everyone is taken care of in a community, no matter how big, or small, advanced, or not advanced. We are born knowing these things, but we have been disconnected from THE Law. This only happened after the Jews weaponized (inverted) Hellenic knowledge and used it to take over the world. You see, civilization, per se, was not, and is not, the problem: those who abused the power that comes with advanced knowledge were, and still are, the cause of the degradation of not only civilization, but the planet as a whole.