Saturn enters Pisces on 7 March 2023. This is THE death knell for the Piscean Age: The Age Of Mass Deception. Even though we entered the Aquarian Age in March of 2020, the mass negative, deceptive aspects of the Piscean Age have not yet been purged in the Cosmos.

I describe the Piscean Age in the following article – here are the relevant passages:

The Piscean qualities of unconditional love, forgiveness and no boundaries (i.e. anything goes), were used to make the masses condone (tolerate) the evil committed by those in power. These attributes create an existence of unconditional tolerance of EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, this mental-ity has allowed all kinds of evil doers to get away with what they do. Passive and permissive Piscean principles enable the expansion of evil.

Pisces also rules illusion and this Age has certainly been fertile ground for delusional tenets  (“earthly existence is an illusion” is the most delusional) that disconnect people from the reality of earthly life which makes them easy to control. The New Age cult/religion is a last ditch attempt by those in power to use these illusory and disempowering beliefs of the dying Piscean Age, to trick people into believing they have found a higher, or better way than previous religions…it’s the same old, same old…

The Role Of Saturn In The Cosmos.

Cosmically, or astrologically speaking, it is a time of division between good and evil (truth and lies; right and wrong). This has everything to do with the planet Saturn entering its home sign of Capricorn (in late 2017) where it is at its most potent. Saturn is the architect of the material, three-dimensional world: FORMATION. (The New Age 5th-dimensional-ascension-rhetoric is delusional – this world was, is and always will be, 3D.) Saturn also rules KARMA: he punishes misdeeds and rewards good deeds (i.e. he will “right wrong”). This planet embodies integrity: TRUTH.

A Lie Is The Inversion Of The Truth.

The lies that flourished during the Piscean Age will be turned upside down now that Saturn has entered Pisces. In other words, the truths that the ruling parasites had buried for millennia, will see the light of day. Saturn will bring integrity to everything Piscean (the Arts, spirituality, religion): He doesn’t pull any punches either, so gird your loins, folks…

Since Saturn is also the REAL ruler of Aquarius – the sign of our current Age – His impact is going to be very potent over the next few years. In fact, this Age and the next Age are both Saturn-ruled (Aquarius & Capricorn), so His influence is going to be HUGE over the next four-thousand-years.