As lock downs have started to ease in the last couple of weeks, I have been interacting with more people in person. What I have found is that many people have not bought into the fake-demic. What’s more, they are now suspicious of the medical industry (so-called scientists) for lying about something like this, so they are avoiding going to the doctor altogether. Many people who used to go to the doctor for the slightest sniffle, are now refusing to do so. They will never accept an injection for a non-existent (or, non-life-threatening) virus, or even be tested for it. Some believe the test is a cover for the Government to get people’s DNA on file – you know, like they do for criminals.

What I see happening over time, is more people opting for alternative forms of therapy, as well as returning to the natural remedies of their ancestors. The mainstream media (or those who own it), will attempt to vilify this type of healing by calling it “unscientific“, making it ineffective, or even, dangerous with little, or no proof. However, they will not disclose the number of people who are maimed, or die in hospitals due to medical negligence and error. Or, the people on psychiatric drugs that become psychotic, or suicidal because of said drugs. Or, the harm that statins, and so many other drugs do to the human body because it would be real bad for big (pharma) business now, would it not? Did I forget to mention the deleterious effects of injections? A fat lot of good science did for the victims of the medical establishment.

You see, by being deprived of social interaction people are now going to go out of their way to seek it. Since human beings are social creatures, they need it real bad. And the internet just ain’t cutting it – it never will. Word of mouth is going to be huge in relation to not only spreading the word about different forms of therapy, but about everything else, too. The more time individuals spend away from cyberspace, the more they will see it for the propaganda cesspool that it is – especially social media.  

Reconnect with the real world – it’s the best medicine.