“I know one plus one equals two, but I’m gonna pretend that it equals three because I want to continue to live in my fantasy world.”

This mentality is common in the modern world – it involves making conscious choices to live with lies. These people do have the right to live like this provided they do not try to force their delusions on those of us living in the real world. Those of us who want to know, and live according to, the truth.

The Ages Of Saturn-Ruled Signs: Aquarius And Capricorn. 

We are currently in the Age of Aquarius which began two-years-ago at the beginning of the scamdemic. About six months before this abomination began, I foretold – in this article – that we would need to make judgments about what is right and true. This is the domain of Saturn who does not care about feelings, opinions, or beliefs: what is true is not based on any of these things. Saturn will strip away – brutally, if necessary – anything that is not authentic. Even when there are many lies to unravel, when the truth eventually comes to the surface, people recognize it. They can then either choose to accept it, or deny it.

Anyone denying reality from here on in, is going to have a very hard time of it. They may even go batshit crazy by holding on to the lies/illusions that were entrenched in the Age of Pisces which ended two-years-ago (massive denial is the cause of severe mental health issues). In another two-thousand-years we enter the Age of Capricorn, which is going to be much tougher on anyone who refuses to see the truth.

Pan: The Hellenic Part-Human/Part-Goat God That Once Represented Capricorn.***

Recently, a fellow Capricorn who had undertaken research into the original name/meaning of Capricorn, declared that Pan was the scapegoat (note the word goat in this word which is the symbol for this zodiac sign) for other people’s unacknowledged shadow aspects: their sins are dumped (projected) onto the goat. She said this is why Capricorns are so hated: it is easier to blame another entity for their sins. (This is how Capricorn/Saturn later became known as the Devil/Satan: “The Devil made me do it.”)

Saturn’s true purpose in relation to wrongdoing involves holding people accountable for it. This involves some kind of teaching of lessons, which may even entail punishment. Capricorn, being exclusively ruled by this planet, embodies this job more than any other sign. But since we all have Saturn/Capricorn somewhere in our psychological make-up, it does apply to everyone on some level.

Usually, when Saturn-ruled people (or, those with a strong psychological connection to this planet) tell it like it is, many people do not like it. It rarely has anything to do with the manner in which it is stated because even when done with humor, or kid gloves, people still get their knickers in a knot. They are not so much bothered by the tone of the messenger as they are irritated by the content of their message(s). This is why those who do not want to hear the truth will blame the messenger because they cannot escape the accuracy of the message (i.e. the messenger becomes the scapegoat).

Saturnian types are the deliverers of lessons/Karma. They still have their own homework to do but their REAL purpose – especially over the next four-thousand-years –  is to deliver lessons, harshly, if necessary. The level of harshness depends on the severity of the wrongdoing that needs to be rectified.

Saturn Rules.

The following is what life on the earthly plane entails whether or not people like it, or want to accept it (this has always been true but in the coming centuries, no one will be able to hide from these truths): 

  • Judgment (choices between right-wrong; truth-lies; good-evil HAVE to be made).
  • Accountability (Natural Law, Karma).
  • Truth (lies and illusions will disintegrate).
  • Action (meditation and prayer are not enough).
  • Ego (the Sovereign Self will no longer be denied).
  • Evil (just because it exists, it does not have to dominate the planet).
  • Pain (physical and emotional: anger/rage; fear; loss/grief).
  • Violence (for the purposes of self-defence and survival).


***The central image on the Major Arcana Tarot card that represents Capricorn – The Devil – is that of Pan. Most of these drawings have him depicted with wings. I have discovered that many of the images and symbols in the Tarot are of Hellenic origin. Some of them come straight from the original, Hellenic Biblical text. The Tarot readers who believe their form of divination has nothing to do with ‘religion’, have A LOT to learn. If I ever have the time and inclination at some point in the future, I will demonstrate this in the same way that I have been able to show that many, many things were birthed by the people born of these bloodlines. To be perfectly clear: the Hellenes did not create the Tarot. Their knowledge was used to establish its foundation, thus giving it substance.