It has been brought to my attention that many people are grateful that I have exposed the frauds in the New Age movement, specifically readers (Tarot card, astrologers*** etc.) and psychics, in general. They regret that they wasted so much time and money on them. It seems that the truth is spreading like wildfire. The one article that really opened their eyes was the following: The Kabbalah & Tarot: Phony Jewish Mysticism. This article makes it clear that many do not know the true origin of the knowledge upon which their forms of divination are based, so they realized that these readers/psychics are not as knowledgeable as they claim. What’s worse is that even though they now know the truth, they are still not acknowledging it: this exposes their charlatanism for all to see.

You will find frauds in all professions and areas of life, so it is best that you do your own research, think critically and trust your instincts: maintain your power when interacting with them. If they try to shame you for calling them out, or not following their advice, by labelling you “egotistical”, “irresponsible”, “embodying a victim mentality”, “not evolved, healed, or ‘spiritual'” and so on, lift both of your hands up in the air in the shape of fists, then raise your middle fingers and hold… If that is too subtle for them, then simply speak the words that these hand gestures symbolize…

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

And Have A Phenomenal 2023.


***Many moons ago, an HONEST astrologer told me that you will never know everything about an individual via their birth chart. She added that you do not even know if the chart is about the birth of a human being unless you are told from the get-go. This is because a chart can be drawn for the ‘birth’ of a country, business, project, etc. You also cannot decipher the gender of the individual via their chart. So, anyone who tells you that you can get everything from a chart provided that you have the correct birthdate, time and location, is either misinformed, or lying to you.

Be wary of readers who use terms such as, “intuitive”, “spiritual”, and “prophetic” to describe themselves, or the way they work: they are usually manipulating you into believing that whatever they say comes directly from some higher cosmic force, so you must take their advice as gospel. These people suffer from delusions of grandeur. Some do not even understand the concept of Karma: I once heard a spiritual/intuitive Tarot reader say that if you go against the ways of your family, you are incurring negative Karma. This is not true if the family is evil and forcing you to live a soul-destroying life. (By the by, ‘evil’ is not a mental illness. The ruling Jews repackaged their nature by creating labels such as ‘psychopathy’ and ‘sociopathy’ so that they could explain away – and be excused for – their crimes. They know exactly what they are doing and why they are doing it: this does not fall into the realm of ‘illness’.) Any punishment that comes from the family toward the individual who wants to be free of them, is not Karma but abuse (e.g. psychological, physical, or financial violence). Such a reader is either a member of the mafia, an abuser, or they believe that you must always follow the ways of your family even if this crushes you: “blood is thicker than water”, and all that claptrap. If they use the word “ego” in a negative context when it comes to you being true to yourself as an individual, they are shaming you for not conforming to your family’s expectations. Your family’s disapproval, or retaliation, is not your negative Karma. In fact, it is the family that is incurring the bad juju when they respond in this way.

Also, watch out for the card readers who shuffle and ‘pick’ cards off camera while they film, choose them before they start filming, or edit the video (you will notice obvious cuts and jumps on the screen). They have selected cards that will fit whatever narrative they want to, or have been paid to, peddle. This may be in relation to your zodiac sign, celebrities, or world events (this includes false historical events: the readings are supposed to salt in historical propaganda). They are not acting in your best interests. These people are known as shills, or agents/spooks: there are many, many operatives online. It seems to me that almost all of them are spooks. Some of the ways in which they signal each other: touching, or pointing towards, their eyes, noses and earlobes; a swiping hand motion over their mouth, almost as if they are stroking an invisible beard; holding their hands together – fingertips touching – in the shape of a triangle/pyramid; one eye symbolism, or something is placed over one of their eyes to cover it: it could be a Tarot card, a letter in the title of the video/channel, or some other image/object. This may sound like some crazy conspiracy shit to you but I have seen it too often to simply brush it aside by labelling it a ‘coincidence’. (They will start using different hand signs and symbols now that I have outed these ones: they follow me very closely. In fact, I already caught one shill YT Tarot reader scratching the area close to her nose instead of touching her nose after I posted this article.)

Forewarned is forearmed.

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