I studied the Kabbalah in 2016, during my time in Hollywood. I had grown weary of anything to do with the film industry, so I wanted to distract myself by learning something new. I was already well-versed in the Tarot, so I thought this may add new levels of understanding to it since they are connected – it did not. It only made me ill because instinctively, I felt that there was something very off about it. It would be another three years before I began to comprehend why I felt that way.

By 2019, I had read the Bible and found a book on the true (Hellenic) origin of Masonry which is tied to the Bible. I discovered that all of the true, occulted knowledge contained within both the Scripture and the Kabbalah/Tarot, is of Hellenic origin. It is bastardized in both because the ruling Jews do not want ordinary folks to know the real stuff. This is because it would empower people to such an extent that they would no longer be able to control them.

They invented the Kabbalah and the Tarot to draw in Westerners who were not falling for their (Abrahamic) religious psyops. But it is just another trap, more misdirection for people who think they are on the true journey to enlightenment. They would not make these things so easily accessible to people if they contained truly empowering knowledge.

The ‘Foundation’ Of Kabbalah

The areas of (Hellenic) knowledge that are the foundation of Kabbalah are the following: the Tree of Life; Western astrology; numerology; geometry; Gematria. (Click on the hyperlinked words/phrases to find out more.) If you are new here, you may want to read the following article which outlines the origin of these areas of expertise:

The Greek Origin Of The Bible & Civilization

  I really do not want to go into detail about the Kabbalah because it would be a waste of my time and yours, too. To quickly summarize what it’s about: it is based on the Jewish idea that the material world (ruled by Saturn) comes before the Source of Life: Light (the Sun). The focus is on letters/numbers, geometry and Gematria (geometry in language): the things that influence form in the material world. I have already dealt with this ass-backwards approach (they invert EVERYTHING) to the order of Creation in many other Biblical articles, but two important ones are the following: In The Beginning Was The Word & God Is Light: In Him There Is No Darkness

The Tarot

In the following article, I introduced the Hellenic foundation of the Tarot by showing that the Hellenic God, Pan, is the one portrayed on the Major Arcana card, The Devil (15), which represents the sign of Capricorn. I will include the relevant (footnote) excerpt below:

***The central image on the Major Arcana Tarot card that represents Capricorn – The Devil – is that of Pan. Most of these drawings have him depicted with wings. I have discovered that many of the images and symbols in the Tarot are of Hellenic origin. Some of them come straight from the original, Hellenic Biblical text. The Tarot readers who believe their form of divination has nothing to do with ‘religion’, have A LOT to learn. If I ever have the time and inclination at some point in the future, I will demonstrate this in the same way that I have been able to show that many, many things were birthed by the people born of these bloodlines. To be perfectly clear: the Hellenes did not create the Tarot. Their knowledge was used to establish its foundation, thus giving it substance. 

Thus far, it seems to me that the Major Arcana – the first 22 cards that constitute the heart of the Tarot – is where most of the Hellenic knowledge is embedded. The number 22, is an important one in Hellenic lore because it represents the letter “X“, the 22nd letter in their alphabet and the symbol for the female chromosome. (Genetic knowledge sprang from them, as did the alphabet: they were the original writers on planet Earth.) It is also the first letter for Christ (Χρηστóς): He was (is) a She in the original Scripture (for more on this, go here). The female/Christ/Light is the true Source of Life.

I will deal with a few more Tarot cards below, but this is as far as I am willing to take it when it comes to analyzing the Tarot. I have more important things to do with my time. If I should happen to find additional information as I do other types of research, I will create a new post focusing only on the Tarot. But please, do not hold your breath – it could be decades, or it may never happen during the rest of my lifetime.

Click on the hyperlinked names of the Tarot cards below, to view the images of them along with my analysis.

The High Priestess (2) & The Hierophant (5)

The High Priestess and the Hierophant are counterparts: the latter was once called the High Priest. The term “Hierophant” is a Hellenic word meaning “sacred reveal” (hieros = sacred; phainein = show, reveal). So, it was the priest’s job to reveal the knowledge of Creation, often referred to as, Natural Law. In Hellas, this involved both men and women. I have a sense that the women came first because they were considered more powerful/sacred due to their direct connection to the Source of Life (the double X chromosomes, one of which is always passed on to their offspring regardless of their gender): this is why the priestess comes before the priest in the Tarot. If the Tarot had been created by the Hellenes, the High Priestess, a woman, or the Sun/Light, would be at the top of the deck. (The Fool Major Arcana Tarot card (0), the first card in the deck, does include the Sun in the top right hand corner but since it is not the focal point, this does not count as an acknowledgment of the true Source of Life. The 0 on this card should represent the cyclical nature of life, not zero, or nothing. Creation does not sprout from nothing, since it is impossible to get something from nothing. So, life can only begin from something: that something is Light. Light cannot be created, or destroyed, only transformed. It was there from the beginning, will be there at the end and at every other point in between before the cycle begins all over again: IT IS ETERNAL. There is no Fool (individual) setting out on the journey of life without the Creator of that life giving her/him life in the first place.)

Both of the priests have crosses on their clothing but the High Priestess has only one large equilateral cross: the symbol for death and resurrection in Masonry (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry p. 36). Any references anywhere in the world to myths, religious, or psychological philosophies etc., related to death and resurrection, are of Hellenic origin. (The other Major Arcana Tarot card that has one large equilateral cross is the Judgment card (20). The images of people rising from their coffins represent the resurrection of the dead.)

The equilateral cross also represents the division of the zodiac wheel into the four seasons: this is the foundation upon which Western (Tropical) astrology is based. As I stated above, this brand of horoscope is of Hellenic origin. (Astrology and horoscope are both Hellenic words: the former meaning, “the study of the stars”, and the latter, “time observer”, or “the observer of time”.)

The Sun is situated at the center of this cross which is also the center of the zodiac wheel. The Sun represents the Soul in astrology and Christianity: death and resurrection are related to the Sun during the seasons and to Christian Holy days via Easter and Christmas (learn more here).

The equilateral cross is also on the Hellenic flag.

The pillars depicted on the High Priestess card, represent the pillars of Masonry. The pomegranates in the background are also a Masonic symbol of abundance and associated to Persephone (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry p. 36, 37). The pomegranates are arranged in the shape of the Tree of Life (see image here). The fact that the Tree of Life which is tied to genetics, biological lineages etc., is pictured on the female priest card, indicates that the female is at the center of the tracing of bloodlines. The pomegranate tree is very resilient as it can survive harsh weather conditions. In this way, it symbolizes the X (female) chromosome for it is far stronger than the Y (male) chromosome. Many genetic disorders are passed on via the Y chromosome.

In my opinion, Masonry, in its original Hellenic form, was led by women. This is because human life is built, constructed in the woman. Masonry is about architecture, whether it is related to biology, buildings, or other structures in the physical world.

Sidenote: My guess is that the Jews (who were known as Egyptians in antiquity), had already thoroughly infiltrated Hellas sometime between 5,000 and 5,500-years-ago (between 3,000 and 3,500 B.C.). Hellas was already an advanced civilization: Athens was built 11,000-years-ago (9,000 B.C.) (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p.40). The Hellenes were a matrilineal, free, literate, moral and humanitarian people before the Jews infiltrated them.

The Lovers (6)

This card depicts a man and a woman: the woman has the Tree of Life with the snake wrapped around it behind her, further reinforcing the connection between the female and genetics. (In Hellenic lore, the snake is the guardian of the knowledge of Creation: learn more here. The Jews rewrote this part of the Scripture portraying the snake as evil with the woman being tempted by the evil one to learn what she was not supposed to know according to the Jews. This depiction of the female was the beginning of the desceration of women and the Life Force (Light) itself. The Jews did not like the fact that women held – and still hold – the knowledge and power of Creation within them. I have already dealt with the degradation of women and Christ/Light in the Bible, here.)

Also, note the image of the Sun/Light on this card: this again connects her to the Source of Life, as she is the one looking up at the Archangel (Raphael) in front of it, who is a messenger of Light (knowledge). So, it is the woman who has access to higher knowledge. Back in the day, this card was called “The Choice”, so it was about making decisions using both the conscious (represented by the man/masculine) and the subconscious (represented by the woman/feminine) parts of the Self: the subconscious has access to all knowledge.

The Wheel Of Fortune (10)

Revelation 4:7 And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle.

Lion = Leo 

Calf = Taurus

Man = Aquarius

Eagle = Scorpio

In the Wheel of Fortune card, the images in each of the corners represent the fixed zodiac signs which are tied to the peak/height of each of the four seasons (similar images are shown for the same signs in The World card (21)): the Wheel itself represents the zodiac wheel. Other Hellenic symbols on this card: the black and white headress on the sphinx (also pictured on The Chariot card (7)), represents Masonry; the snake on the left-hand side of the wheel is connected to Hellenic snake worship, which I discussed in this article. The wings depicted on the images representing the zodiac signs are an important Hellenic link that I will deal with in the last section of this post.

Temperance (14)

Revelation 10 The Mighty Angel and the “Little Book”

Revelation 10:2 And he had in his hand a little book open: and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot on the earth.

The parts about where the feet are placed in this Biblical passage correspond with the image on the Temperance card. The “Mighty Angel” referred to at the beginning of Revelation 10, is Archangel Michael. The Scripture describes him as holding a book, not two cups as is shown on the card. So, this is not entirely accurate as to the Biblical meaning but as I have said repeatedly in my articles, they have been messing with Hellenic knowledge for millennia. For this reason, I may have missed other passages that were not used in their entirety to create the cards. Of course, not including every detail of a Biblical verse in the card imagery, makes it easier to hide where the knowledge came from in the first place.

There are other Hellenic symbols on this card: the triangle on Archangel Michael’s chest represents the Holy Trinity which is tied to Christianity and the Sun, since Christianity is Sun worship. Also, the circle with the dot in the middle on his forehead, is the astrological (Masonic) symbol for the Sun (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry p. 147). His wings are also symbolic of Hellenism…

(For more information on the connection between the alphabet, Gematria and the Tarot, please read the following article.)

The Angelic Beings Were Hellenes

Yes, I am going to go out on a limb and assert that these beings did once roam the planet and that they came from Hellas. (I already mentioned the angelic being on The Lovers (6) card above; also, check out the Judgment (20) card for the image of Archangel Gabriel.) Whether or not they had wings is up for debate, but they most certainly were Divine beings that had tremendous power/knowledge that they used for good. They were bred out of existence by the Jews primarily via genocide, and secondarily, via genetic manipulation. Also, note the fair features of these angels: pale skin tone, blonde/honey-blonde/ginger/light brown hair and light-colored eyes. I once read that the Hellenes did look like this in antiquity. I have noticed it in my own matrilineal (Spartan) bloodlines and in other groups of Hellenes when I was visiting the country in the 1990s (most especially the blue, or green eye coloring). So, the vilification of Europeans (Aryans) as racists, mass murderers and so on, is yet another form of Jewish inversion. This way, they shift the blame for their vicitmization of these people onto the very same people: the first slaves on the planet were European.

I did get into the angelic side of things in my Tree Of Life article – I will include the relevant excerpts below for your convenience:

EL Is Hellenic In Origin

We have been led to believe that EL is the Hebrew name of their God, Saturn. However, EL is embedded in the Hellenic name for the country – HELLAS – and the people – HELLENES. In Hellenic script, the first letters of these words are EL: λάδα; ‘Eλληνες. My first name begins with the same letters: Ἑλένη. My name means lightthe Hellenes are all about the Light. (I now comprehend how they buried Hellenic bloodlines via the words Greece and Greek. It was not until I began repeatedly using the correct Hellenic terms that I saw what had been hidden about my own genealogy up until this point in my life.) If we go back even further, the original Hellenes were known as Pelasgians: el is in the name, yet again. (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry, p. 39-40). The Pelasgians were Angelic, or Divine (The Greek Origin of Freemasonry, p. 182, footnote #15).

This means that the Archangels whose names end in el are Hellenic in origin. The word angel is a Hellenic word for messenger (άγγελος). Arch in archangel is derived from archon – άρχων: ruler. These angels are connected to the Sun,* or Light, not Saturn. It would not surprise me if these beings existed on the planet at some point in time. Since they were ruling messengers, their role was that of teachers, or preachers, not royalty. The Kingdom Of God Is Within You would have been their primary message: this does not mean, “you are God”, it means, “you are a Creation of your Creator.”

The wings on these angels would also explain the most common Hellenic surname which happens to be my own: Papadopoulos. I was led to believe that poulos (which means bird) was tied to a poetic naming of the offspring of priests (papa = priest). However, I now think that the bird part stands for the winged creatures that (possibly) once roamed this planet. This also ties to the Phoenix/eagle symbolism that I have already connected to the Hellenes here. (Surnames were based on ancestral lineages – if they weren’t an actual description of the people, they were tied to their function in the community.)

I used to think this was far-fetched. However, when I came across a well-sourced book that I have referenced continuously in my Biblical articles, where it is stated that the Gods of Olympus were mortal (The Greek Origin Of Freemasonry p. 108), I think there may be some truth to this theory. Our true origins have been hidden from us for millennia by you-know-who so that we may remain powerless.

Alternatively, if it is purely symbolic, a metaphorical translation of my surname – Priest Birds, or Bird Priests – would indicate beings that have a strong tie to the sky/heaven/The Most High. Most birds are creatures that can traverse both the earthly and sky realms. Priests were teachers back in the day, not the instruments of social control that they became thanks to Jewish interference. So, those of us born of the Papadopoulos lineages are the descendants of High Priests/Priestesses. (Poulos/Bird is a common term in many Hellenic surnames: given what I have outlined here, why do you think this is so?)

*In Hellenic script, the names of these Archangels end with the first two letters of the word for Sun (ήλιος): Michael (Mιχαήλ); Raphael (Pαφαήλ); Gabriel (Γαβριήλ); Uriel (Οὐριήλ). Both el (ελ) and il (ηλ) are tied to Light in Hellenic names, regardless of their placement at the beginning, middle, or the end of these words.


P.S. I have said it before and I will say it again: the ‘Holy’ Book of the Jews is the Talmud. If you want to know more about it, mosey on over to the following site. There you will find that the world is set up according to its tenets, as many of us can attest to via personal experience: it is the playbook of the ruling Jews.