888 is tied to the numeric (Gematric) value of the term ‘Jesus’ in the original Hellenic (Greek) script:

Ι (10) Η (8) Σ (200) Ο (70) Υ (400) Σ (200)

10 + 8 + 200 + 70 + 400 + 200 = 888

The Hellenic alphabet has 24 letters: mathematically this may be expressed as 3 x 8 or 8 + 8 + 8 (for a comprehensive list, go here). 3 is also tied to Creation on the earthly plane: think the “The Holy Trinity” in Christianity. These numerical values are tied to Gematria which, is itself, of Hellenic origin. I discussed this in detail in the following article.

There are other Biblical names for Jesus that factor in the number 8: these include, Christ (Xριστóς: 8 x 185); Lord (Κúριος: 8 x 100); Messiah (Mεσσíα: 8 x 82).

Jesus Christ: The Saving Light.

“Jesus Christ” in its original Hellenic form ties to Light since the term means “Saving Light”. He did not exist in the flesh as he is a symbolic representation of the Sun, or Light: the Source of Life. The number 8 is significant in relation to the symbol of life because it represents the flow of the life force itself: it is supposed to be an equal, balanced flow of energy. (The infinity symbol ♾️ is another version of the number 8: it is found in three Tarot card images, two of them are from the Major Arcana. The knowledge upon which this system of divination is based, is of Hellenic origin. I discussed this here. I did not include the cards with the infinity symbol in that article, so I will add images of them here: the Magician card; the Strength card; the Two of Pentacles.) (For more on those responsible for the hijacking and shredding of the original Bible – the ruling Jews – go here & here.)

Christ, in the original Hellenic version of the Scripture, was female: I get into this here.

All Hail Jesus!