Be wary of the term ‘Oneness’ that is bandied about in New Age/spiritual groups as it is (usually) an insidious way of gathering followers and ensuring conformity by espousing the belief that “We Are One” (learn more about the way language is used to control you here). You will be expected to think, say and do the same as everyone else. One way they attempt to gain your compliance, is to ask questions designed to let you know who you must be in order to be considered ‘One of Them’ – some examples:

  • “What, you’re not vegan?” (Me: No, I will eat animal products my entire life.)
  • “You have not read (fill in the latest guru’s name here) book yet?” (Me: No, because his/her teachings disconnect you from a real life on planet Earth.)
  • “When will you forgive your abuser?” (Me: I will never forgive evil.)

If your answers to such questions resemble mine in parentheses, be prepared to be berated and demeaned for your defiance. This is what happens in cults if you do not comply. Are you willing to lose your dignity and identity in order to fit into such a group?

Each one of you is an individual part of the Whole of Creation. You may share traits, beliefs and experiences with others but there is only ONE YOU. If you truly want to experience Oneness, strive to be At One with Yourself.