Most people forget about the upside of Karma which involves being handsomely rewarded for doing the right thing. Saturn does not only penalize wrongdoing, He also rewards the doing of good deeds. He tends to delay rewards, but He will pay you what you are worth when the Time is right: Time being another one of His areas of expertise.

These Karmic payments do not always involve material rewards: artistic talents, beauty, intelligence, a good education, etc., are all benefits that come from doing good, in this life, or a previous one(s). Such payoffs may also be inherited via the righteous actions of your ancestors.

Of course, there are also more immediate benefits bestowed on those who do the right thing. I have witnessed this in the last two years during the scamdemic. In my neighborhood, small businesses that refused to go along with unlawful Government mandates by allowing people to enter their premises mask-less and unvaccinated, are now thriving. Other businesses that went along with these things have now either shut down, or are struggling to keep their doors open.

There Is A Continuation…

Karma is something that becomes encoded in your Soul, or DNA. Whether you believe in an immortal Soul, or the passing on of life (and characteristics) via ancestral lines, it all comes down to Light: the Source of Life. The Soul IS Light and DNA coding is the Language of Light: it influences the expression of Light/Life (more on this here). Your deeds are written into your Soul/DNA which you take with you as an individual and pass on to subsequent generations.

This is why no one escapes accountability, even after death. The consequences of misdeeds do not just magically disappear: action must be taken in order to rectify the imbalance created by any wrongdoing, if not in this life, in some future life, or via your descendants. In the same way, the rewards of good deeds need to be paid to those who earned them in order to maintain a balance in Creation. (For more on the imbalances created by constant giving, go here.)

In the grander scheme of things, Karma is a Cosmic Balancing Act that is comparable to the balancing of accounting books. When the numbers are not the same on both sides of the ledger, someone will have to pay in order to correct the shortfall. Of course, where there is a payer, there is a payee – a recipient – the side that is rewarded, or compensated. There will be more of this happening for millennia to come.