Human beings are constantly compared to animals like chimps, gorillas, orangutans, dogs, cats: apparently our DNA sequences match that of chimpanzees more than any other mammalian species.

Now that I know that our genetics have been modified over many, many thousands of years, I think that this so-called similarity is unnatural.* I also believe that the sexual habits of these animals are mistakenly compared to people – especially in relation to males being compelled to spread their seed. I do not believe that we were wired in this way from the very beginning – if our genes were messed with so that we would be more like these animals, then this is probably what created it to whatever extent that it does apply, since individual differences factor into the mix. 

Artificially Increasing Population Numbers

If the human population needed to be speedily increased at various points in history (e.g. after cataclysms when many people would have perished), then it served those in charge of the planet, to have people breeding like certain animal species. This would be accomplished by manipulating human genetic coding. (A medical student once told me that women used to menstruate only once a year – this would have decreased their fertility. Maybe that was Nature’s way of keeping the population in check, but this too was interfered with, at some point in time.)

Monogamous Animal Partnerships

What about animal species that are monogamous? Why are human beings not compared to these species?


The sexual objectification of women is obvious in this day and age. Men, too, are objectified in the same manner but not to the same extent as women. Men are more inclined to be oversexed and this is often portrayed as normal in relation to their biology. I don’t buy it.

If this were true, then hyper-sexuality should have been an issue in societies where both sexes walked around mostly, or completely, naked. As far as I know, these people were not obsessively having sex, nor were their women being raped on a frequent basis.

Promiscuity Is Unnatural

The increased occurrence of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) in those who are promiscuous is fairly well-established. This is Nature’s way of telling us that this state of being contravenes Natural Law: it is a form of punishment.** (This is why the offspring of incestuous couples have much higher rates of physical and psychological abnormalities: it violates The Law. Polygamous societies also have higher rates of STDs and incest.)

There are also many negative spiritual and emotional effects on people who are promiscuous (learn more here).

On an energetic/spiritual level, sex binds beings since there is an exchange of energy, so that they are ‘married’ in the true sense of that word: it has nothing to do with marriage contracts which are business contracts. The Commandment “Though Shalt Not Commit Adultery“, has to do with stepping outside of a monogamous relationship that is, at its core, a spiritual one.

People are brainwashed in many ways to buy into screwing around (via movies, TV shows, music and porn), that it is no big deal, as long as they can avoid pregnancy and are able to medically treat STDs (even though some of these diseases are permanent: life-long punishment). 

Monogamy And Celibacy Are Natural

Monogamy and celibacy were the ‘norm’ before genetic modification and deep-seated brainwashing.

Monogamy did not mean that people had to remain together for the rest of their lives. They could choose to move on with someone else without any external input from some authority. A ‘divorce’ would have meant an energetic severing of ties that probably involved spiritual/healing rituals before they could ‘marry’ another individual.

Celibacy would have been the time between ‘marriages’ for some people; others practiced it for spiritual/healing purposes; others decided never to marry, and for some people, it was a requirement of their vocation (priesthood, which included women).

Even though there are obvious differences between the sexes, this does not mean that we were, or are, anywhere near as animalistic as we have been led to believe.


*I reject the theory of evolution purporting that monkeys naturally evolved into humans. It doesn’t make any sense that some of these animals evolved into humans and others were not able to do so. What about interspecies sex, or crossbreeding? Does it lead to the evolution of a species? According to this article, no:

“…genes are not exchanged between different species. Even if organisms of different species combine their DNA to make offspring, the offspring will be sterile, unable to pass on their genes. Because of this restricted gene flow, each species evolves as a group distinct from other species.”

If combining DNA from other species causes infertility, then this would not lead to the evolution of a species, but its extinction. The evolution of a species can only happen from within that species. And it may only take place without any interference from malevolent people. 

**People who are not promiscuous may also contract STDs because one, or more of their sexual partners, have them. Obviously, this is not a punishment for someone who doesn’t treat sex as some sort of sport, or recreational activity. The same applies to people who contract such ailments via rape.