Many months ago, I posted this article about the rampant fraudulence embedded within the mainstream media. I knew that more faked/staged events were going to happen in the world in order to bury the truths that have been unearthed in the last few years.

A couple of months before I posted that article, I wrote about the planetary changes that were taking place that were going to expose mass forms of deception and that this would empower people. By the end of April, I had tangible proof of this in my own life via the statistics on my website and my face-to-face interactions with people in Australia.

The Failure Of The Australian Referendum.

On October 14 2023, Australians voted on a proposed change to our Constitution: they rejected it. It was supposed to create changes that would give indigenous Australians a greater voice BUT not much was made clear about how that would be done. There was also talk about reparations but again, details were not provided as to how that would be accomplished. Who would pay for these reparations? Ordinary Australians are not responsible for the crimes committed by those who invaded this country a few hundred years ago. 

At university, I studied this subject in my anti-discrimination law classes, so I have some understanding of the legalities of the situation. (Read this article for more information.)

Normally, I would be all over this on my blog. However, I held back because I wanted the indigenous folks to speak for themselves. If they thought this was a bad idea and they explained why this is so, then why would we believe politicians, or anyone else, who was advocating this constitutional change? (See videos at the end of this article.)

Word on the street was that most people were going to reject it. The polls they were taking in the months leading up to the vote, reflected this reality. So, the truth really is spreading like wildfire and people are waking up in unprecedented numbers.

Below you will find a few prominent indigenous Australians telling it like it is: