Pandora is a Hellenic word meaning “all-gifted”.

Pan (παν): all

Dora (δώρο): gift

Most people are familiar with the mythical story associated with Pandora but for those who are not, here is a brief explanation from Wikipedia: 

Pandora’s box is an artifact in Greek mythology connected with the myth of Pandora in Hesiod‘s Works and Days.[1] Hesiod reported that curiosity led her to open a container left in the care of her husband, thus releasing physical and emotional curses upon mankind. Later depictions of the story have been varied, while some literary and artistic treatments have focused more on the contents than on Pandora herself. The container mentioned in the original account was actually a large storage jar, but the word was later mistranslated. In modern times an idiom has grown from the story meaning “Any source of great and unexpected troubles”,[2] or alternatively “A present which seems valuable but which in reality is a curse”.[3]

I have grown very wary of the accuracy of Hellenic myths, given that everything from there was co-opted by those who have secretly ruled the planet for millennia (for more on this, go here). So, I am reinterpreting (correcting) everything based on my instincts, largely influenced by my own DNA, since it is Hellenic in origin. The misinterpretation of Hellenic words, stories, knowledge etc., is admitted in some mainstream sources (including Wikipedia in the above paragraph), so that the true meaning has been lost, or more accurately, deliberately distorted. (Hesiod and Homer were crypto-Jews, so I have flushed their propaganda pieces down the toilet.)

A Gift Is A Good Thing.


  1. Something that is bestowed voluntarily and without compensation.
  2. The act of giving.
  3. A talent, endowment, aptitude, or inclination.

If you take this link, you will find that all of the synonymous terms for Gift, are positive. So, the real meaning of “Pandora”, is the giver of all that is beneficial, charitable, favorable, etc.

The term Pan, on its own, would indicate ALL things: positive and negative, good and evil, and so on. This ties to the real meaning of the God Pan who presides over the Earthly realm, which is dualistic in Nature (for more on this, go here). In my opinion, Pandora’s true purpose was to bestow good things on humanity. These things were supposed to help people deal with the negatives in the world, or act as compensation for hardship, or injustice.

One of the things the modern version of the myth does admit is that Hope (Ελπίδα) was contained in the jar that she opened. It is only one aspect of the human condition that helps people deal with hardships. I believe there were only positive elements contained in that jar but the story has been inverted. This is what I have repeatedly found during my research into all things Hellenic over the last few years.