It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out.

I came across this quote many years ago. I realized that it was – and still is – an accurate description of many New Agers. The people who lose their ability to think critically because they want to believe that everything is true, or acceptable. The lies and contradictions they try to reconcile, render them mindless/brainless. However, they believe this type of open-mindedness leads to enlightenment. The mind is supposed to be the ‘obstacle’ to evolution: nothing could be further from the truth.

No one knows everything, so it pays to do research. This is the healthy aspect of open-mindedness because it involves questioning things that, ultimately, leads to true enlightenment. However, research is something these people avoid like the plague. Is it laziness, or is it that they do not want their beliefs decimated? If everything is supposed to be true, or acceptable, why do they not welcome new information when it arrives on the scene? When this information is irrefutable, why do they rage against it?

As I have stated in my articles deconstructing their tenets, they cannot adhere to their own beliefs. This is because they run contrary to Life/Nature/Creation. No matter how many mental, or linguistic tricks they pull, they will never outdo reality.

Keeping an open-mind is detrimental to psychological well-being when it requires the denial of reality.


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