From The Greek Origin of Freemasonry p. 40:

“…the Greeks were the tutors of the Egyptians… “But it was the Greeks far more than the Egyptians or any other people, who gave Egypt its sciences, mathematics, its scholarship, and its literature in consequence of which the famous ‘Egyptian’ wisdom belongs far more to them than to Egypt itself – when Plato went to study in Egypt, it was to Greek teachers that he went (he couldn’t speak or write Egyptian).” (Quote from Dr. Mackey’s Revised Encyclopedia)

From the same book hyperlinked above, p. 44: 

“They [the Egyptians] did not arrive in Hellas to establish mysteries that were already long established. They came rather to be taught, not to teach.”

P.S. I will be told that Plato penned a document called Plato’s Republic that contains questionable political philosophies. However, his ideas are not Hellenic in origin since they were – and are – all about individual freedom: of religion, speech, movement, etc.: tenets contained in certain Constitutions. People are free to do what they want to do as long as they do not commit any crimes (theft, rape, assault, murder). So, Plato either strayed from Hellenic ideals – which he was free to do – since communism is diametrically opposed to individualism/self-governance, or, his work was co-opted and turned into a propaganda piece (the Bible was interfered with in the same way: The Holy Scripture).

P.P.S. I can already sense that information like this is going to be inverted and used as a way to label the Hellenes as the ‘colonizers’ of Egypt, but no… By the time of Plato, the Egyptians had already infiltrated Hellas/Europe at least 3,000-years before but it is more likely that they were there many thousands of years before that time. So, they were taking what they learned from them back to their home-base in Egypt. They got the Hellenes to help them build the Great Library at Alexandria where only Hellenic knowledge was stored since it all came from there in the first place. If the Hellenes wanted a library like this to store all of their knowledge, they would have built it in their homeland. The destruction of the library was designed to take it all away from Hellenic/Pelasgian bloodlines.