The other day, I came across some (Jewish) propaganda claiming that the Spartan bloodlines were wiped out long ago. That’s funny because I exist and I am a Spartan. Until recently, I thought that it was only through my maternal bloodlines but I now know that my paternal (Pontian) bloodlines also came out of Sparta: this makes me a full-blooded Spartan woman…talk about power…

Could it be that the ruling Jews are clutching at straws when it comes to discrediting me/my work, particularly in relation to the true, Hellenic origin of the Bible? Late last year, I posted an article debunking some other theories that, it seems to me, were trying to misdirect people from the truth exposed by my research.

They have tried for millennia to wipe us out but they have failed. They were able to get rid of the DNA that encodes for our wings, but some of us survived, regardless. Genes do not only encode for our physical characteristics: we carry the knowledge, memories and strength of our ancestors. The Spartans first stood up to the Jews when they came out of Egypt in antiquity.

Are they butthurt that a Spartan – and a woman to boot – is now ripping them to shreds with the truth?