The ruling Jews are really scrambling to undo the damage done by my research.

Recently, I have come across some propaganda theories claiming that Northern Africans were ‘White’ in antiquity. The Sahara desert spans across Northern Africa (West to East): pale-skinned people could not have come from a desert land.

One of the theories I came across, claims that Atlantis – an island supposedly populated by an advanced White race – was in the Sahara desert. Really? An island that sank into the ocean existed in the North African desert?

The other theory is that when the island of Atlantis sank, the survivors ended up in this desert. Again, really? An advanced group of light-skinned people would know that they could not survive in the desert, so they would settle somewhere else where the climate favored them: Europe, or Britain, for example. It seems to me that they are trying to misdirect people away from my thesis that those who descend from the bloodlines of Ancient Egyptian royalty, have ruled the world for around 5,000-years now. So, they want you to think that an advanced White race came out of Africa and proceeded to take over the world. (I have already dealt with the way they vilify Europeans and Brits – Westerners/Whites – in the education system and the mainstream media, here. If these people were really running the world, it makes no sense that they would be denouncing themselves via these mediums.)

The other thing that destroys the Atlantean theory is, since they were supposed to be advanced people, they would know not to practice incest. So, if Egypt was nearby, why did they not tell the Pharoahs to stop practicing something that was going to wipe out their bloodlines? It is well established even by mainstream standards, that these people (Egyptians/Jews) were incestuous and barbaric (i.e. capable of colonization): for evidence of this in the Bible, go here; from the Talmud, here.

Any ‘Whites’ that ended up in Egypt, or the Northern region of Africa in antiquity, were European slaves, and, the Egyptians who had successfully interbred with Europeans over multiple centuries.

Also, the materials required to build a civilization would not have existed in the desert in antiquity. They would have been brought over from the closest place that would have had the raw materials to build: Europe. This only happened AFTER the Egyptians landed on European (Hellenic) shores around 5-000-years-ago (learn more here & here).