In my Biblical articles, I have established that the Bible is largely based on astrology and esoteric knowledge, in general (learn more here).

In this article, I outline how Christmas (and Easter) are tied to seasonal cycles: the foundation upon which Western (Hellenic) astrology is based. Here are the relevant excerpts:


This Holy Day is associated to the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. It involves the Sun’s movement on the earth’s equator which makes the length of day and night equal.  It represents the resurrection of the Sun (Jesus Christ) after the long, dark winter.


This Holy Day is related to the return of the Sun at the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. On Christmas day, the Sun is reborn – it regains its ‘strength’ as the days start to get longer from this point on until they are equal in length to the night (Spring Equinox: Easter).

These Holy Days are related to the Northern Hemisphere since the true foundation upon which the knowledge embedded in Christianity is based, came from Hellas (Europe) which is situated in the Northern part of the world. In the Southern Hemisphere, the seasonal equivalent to Christmas would be in June, during the Winter Solstice; Easter would be in September, during the Spring Equinox.

Christmas is celebrated worldwide during the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice because that’s the way the materialistic-Saturn-worshipping-Jews-who-run-the-world, want it. A few days before Christmas in December, is the beginning of the Capricorn zodiac season: this sign is ruled exclusively by Saturn. (For more on Saturn’s role in the Cosmos, go here.)

Saturn rules the material realm: this includes trade/money which the (ruling) Jews invented thousands of years ago for their advancement (hence, all of the trade that takes place at this time of year). They knew nothing about the role of Saturn until they arrived on Hellenic shores millennia ago. When they learned about the importance of this heavenly body on the earthly realm, and they wanted to rule over it, they set out to align themselves with the most potent Saturnian times of the year. It began with the Roman festival of Saturnalia: the (ruling) Romans also being crypto-Jews. 

Naughty, Or Nice: Saturn’s (Santa’s) Domain

Saturn’s role in the Cosmos also includes rewarding those who do right and punishing those who do wrong. Santa Claus/Father Christmas is really a symbolic (anthropomorphic) representation of Saturn. So, he decides who gets the gifts at this time of year based on their behavior throughout the year. We all know that this is not how it works in the real world since anyone who chooses to go along with the materialistic side of this holiday season, is going to give and receive gifts. It is simply a fairy tale that they use to convince children primarily, to go along with the materialistic aspect of the world that we have had foisted upon us for centuries.