Some of you may find what I am about to express in this article somewhat far-fetched: that’s your prerogative. Since I have seen what I have been told (by my ancestors) play out in my own life and other people’s lives, I do believe that this will continue to happen as time goes on.

In August of 2022 some kind of Cosmic Portal began to close: a window of time, or opportunity, specifically for Jews, to make amends for what they have done to humanity. This is not only about wealthy, or Jewish aristocrats (all ‘nobles’ are Jews),*** but any Jew that took precedence over non-Jews, lied to, or stole from them, in relation to jobs, money, status, land: anything. Many like to play dumb when it comes to this global phenomenon that has gone on for centuries but Higher Cosmic Forces were watching and they have had ENOUGH!

This is a time for anyone who has done wrong to pay for it.**** However, it is the Jews who are at the head of the line for this payment of what is due and they know very well why this is so. (Non-Jews need to become aware of how many Jews surround them since they have gotten away with so much over the centuries by hiding in plain sight. They may want to read this article: scroll down to the footnotes for more specific information, and this one, too.)

In my own life, by the end of October 2022 I made choices that have led me down a different path: one that will take me as far away from Jews as is possible. By the end of November, I felt a tectonic internal shift that seems to have solidified externally now that all the planets are moving in direct motion. During this time, I have noticed that many Jews are suffering from ill health (physical, and/or psychological), severe physical injuries, their families are disintegrating, they are losing money, their businesses and reputations are collapsing… It’s like some Cosmic elastic band has snapped back at them and this is only the very beginning…

The ruling Jews like to peddle fear porn about the End Times via their version of religion, climate change rhetoric and what not, but in reality, their oppression of humanity is what is coming to an end: it’s the end of the world that they set up long ago for their own advancement.

Karma is passed on from one generation to the next when the previous generation has not atoned for its sins: Jews have a stupendous amount of Karma because they do not hold themselves accountable. They also have not changed in thousands of years. This means that their descendants have a lot of bad juju to contend with: atonement will take centuries.


***Please do not be fooled by names that sound English, or Scottish and assume that they are not Jewish: the Jews (who were known as Egyptians in antiquity) infiltrated all royal, or ruling, houses thousands of years ago and so they appropriated the names of the indigenous folk. They also interbred with them so that they look like them. To give you a recent example: an Australian Aboriginal woman with the peerage surname of Lyon(s), made a TV appearance acting as if she was fighting for the rights of her indigenous people. Her surname tells you that she is an aristocrat and a Jew since all royalty is Jewish. You would not know it by looking at her. I recommend that you research the name of any influential individual, even when they come out of nowhere, no matter what they look like, on this website.

****”Wrongdoing” has nothing to do with swearing, not forgiving and a bunch of other crap that we have been led to believe – primarily by Jews so that they can get away with what they do – is going against God/Natural Law. They have been violating Natural Law for millennia: Nature is now teaching them very harsh lessons.

P.S. Any Jews residing in, or visiting, Hellas (Greece), should leave ASAP. Unless they are there to rectify the sins of their ancestors against my ancestors they are going to pay for their sins way more than other members of their Tribe.