I have been busy with several things over the last couple of months, mostly in preparation for a brand new cycle in my life. This new beginning does not entail me never returning to the dark side again, exposing the filth in the world going way back in time. I have barely scratched the surface of my Biblical research. Over the years, it is going to unveil many more lies that we have been told and the ways in which humanity has been oppressed over several millennia.

Since the ancestors of the ruling Jews lied about the Bible and the origin of civilization (as well as the ones perpetuating the lies now), what else have they lied about and continue to lie about?

I reject Judaism because it was founded on the blood of my ancestors. It is a false identity/ethnicity/race/religion: I went into detail about this here.*** If it is OK for indigenous dark-skinned people to reject the ways of their crypto-Jewish-fake-White-oppressors, it is doubly OK for us pale-skinned Europeans to reject the ways of the same oppressors. This is because we were the first peoples they enslaved and murdered. They have used – and continue to use – our identities to blame us for their crimes. 

I accepted the possibility of being murdered by these people for exposing all of this, long ago. To date, the closest thing to a death threat that I have received (via email last year), was something along the lines of the following statement: “You know what happens to people who don’t do what they’re told.” My ancestors have been guiding me – primarily through my dreams – on how to be strategic in order to ensure my survival.**** They would know how to go about it having become well-acquainted with their shifty ways, since they were the first people they screwed over back in the day.

The fact that they have not been able to 86 me by now, demonstrates the extent to which I am protected by forces way more powerful than them. If, by chance, this does happen, it will place 10,000 exclamation marks after every word I have written exposing them. Words that have already spread far and wide throughout the world. Nothing will save them from that point onwards. 

My website is the canvas upon which I express myself through writing. This is my only art form for two reasons: 1/ it is what I do best & 2/ it is how I connect to myself and Creation as a whole. I can get as ugly, aggressive, childish, bitchy, crazy and so on, as I like, as do other artists via their mediums. It is interesting that the Arts, which includes the entertainment industry, are owned by Jews. They can portray all sorts of violence and discrimination via these mediums (almost all of them are lies even when they claim that they are based on truth), receive awards for them and profit from them, too. But if I, and others like me, do it, we will be harassed and vilified. I suppose it is about the fact that we are exposing them but it is also about the fact that we are not ONE OF THEM.

I will continue unleashing the darkness on this platform because healing – which involves telling the truth – is an ongoing process. Healing does not happen until the darkness is purged. It will be done out in the open because I know it helps many people even though it offends others. Those who are upset should move on but they won’t… I will NEVER conform to their expectations.

I am doing what I was born to do and I am going to keep doing it. Period.

Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος (Freedom or Death)

The Hellenic Motto


***FYI for those who are new here: Jews run the world. All celebrities and politicians are Jews. All royalty is Jewish. They like to portray the royals as public servants but, by and large, they are parasites. In fact, one of them said that he wished he could return as a virus (all viruses are obligate parasites) in order to depopulate the planet (see the quote here). A more accurate statement would be that he and his bloodlines are (human) parasites and have been since they first came out of Egypt about 5,000-years-ago. They are incapable of surviving on their own, so they need to siphon the life force off of people and Nature to survive. This means that everything they have is stolen. If they were true servants of the people, they would give it all back to them. They have remained incestuous like their (royal Egyptian) ancestors in order to keep this stolen wealth and the corrupt power they have over the entire world, for themselves (i.e. their bloodlines). Early on, they married their siblings in order to do so (I believe some of them still do this but it is well hidden). This almost destroyed their bloodlines, so after counsel from my ancestors, they began marrying close cousins instead. This only happened after they started interbreeding with more advanced and healthier races (Europeans) in order to improve their genetics. This is why you now see mostly ‘White’ people in power. They stole people’s genetics, as well as their land, knowledge, creativity, and so on. To reiterate: EVERYTHING THEY HAVE IS STOLEN. (Please do not be fooled by names that sound English, or Scottish and assume that they are not Jewish: the Jews (who were known as Egyptians in antiquity) infiltrated all royal, or ruling, houses thousands of years ago and so they appropriated the names of the indigenous folk. They also interbred with them so that they look like them. To give you a recent example: an Australian Aboriginal woman with the peerage surname of Lyon(s), made a TV appearance acting as if she was fighting for the rights of her indigenous people. Her surname tells you that she is an aristocrat and a Jew since all royalty is Jewish. You would not know it by looking at her. I recommend that you research the name of any influential individual, even when they come out of nowhere, no matter what they look like, on this website.)

****’Survival’ does not only relate to my staying alive: it also involves maintaining the integrity of my research. I have had several people try to undermine it, especially on forums. I always knew forums were intelligence fronts, so any so-called truther that works with them, is an agent (the vast majority of agents are Jews). The truth movement itself was/is an intelligence front. As time goes on, they have to get shiftier and shiftier in the ways that they draw people in and misdirect them. This usually starts with giving A LOT of truth, then taking a sharp turn into LALALand in order to make sure that seekers never get to the truth. I have recently discovered that many people who were avid followers of certain pseudo-independent researchers (sometimes for decades), have stopped following them because, in comparison to my research, that research seems nonsensical (the researchers lack credibility). When they land on my site, they find that one plus one equals two instead of five. I will never tell anyone to only read my material because people need to do their own research and draw their own conclusions. The trap that most people fall into is that they rely totally on the internet. Even though they will find some truth there, they need to go further. In my own situation with the Bible, I did not rely on what I read online. I found some evidence of my own in literature that corroborated what I found online, then I went public with it.