Recently, it was brought to my awareness that many people are upset by what I have revealed in my articles on the Bible…and it’s not the religious ones… I already created a response to how I discovered what I consider to be the truth about not only the Bible, but civilization as a whole – you will find it here. I explain that many things that we have been led to believe came out of Egypt, or the Middle East, actually came out of Hellas (Greece). I do not mention astrology in that article but I do mention that Western astrology is of Hellenic origin in other posts (here & here).

Little did I know that astrologers, especially those who have degrees in the discipline (yes, you can acquire a degree in astrology), think I am totally bonkers for upending what they believe to be the truth because they learned it at university. I have news for them: places of higher learning, which originated in Hellas, were co-opted centuries ago by the same people who hijacked the Bible and everything else that came out of that country. They have been misinformed but because their livelihoods are based on the lies, they would rather discredit someone like me, than admit that knowledge they paid stupendous amounts of money to acquire, is fraudulent. They cannot handle the truth because it will negatively impact their back pockets. I do not earn a dime from what I share on the blog – material gain is not my motivation. Getting to the truth is my motivation and it is in alignment with what is going on, astrologically speaking. If they don’t know this, or they don’t want to know because it collapses most, or all of their knowledge into a steaming pile of dog shit, that is not my problem.

I, too, have a law degree but I did not know how much truth about the law was withheld from me until I did my own research last year during the scamdemic. Those who run everything do not want an empowered, informed populace because their own fake power would collapse if the masses knew about their rights. The ones with the real knowledge on the law discovered it via independent research. This type of knowledge empowers people, not propagandized, institutional ‘knowledge’. Any academic worth their salt, has done their own research. When this research refutes the accepted (mainstream) narrative, they are open about it. They are also crucified for doing so, but that is to be expected from people who have everything to lose when their lies are exposed.

The lack of integrity in the New Age/metaphysical/spiritual arena is something I have been writing about for quite some time. Of course, it exists in every field all over the world – the events of the last two years have made this crystal clear to me. This is something that will no longer be tolerated by the cosmos. Astrologers should know this better than anyone but when money is involved, many will choose to keep up the facade to their own detriment. I remind them that Saturn will be the most potent cosmic force operating for the next four-thousand-years: the Lord of Truth and Karma. Yes, Karma is a bitch, but it is a necessary bitch.