I have been very busy over the last year, or so, rewriting ALL of my books so as to include the new information that I have discovered over the past decade. I did not realize how much work it would be but it has been well worth the effort.

In this post, I will share an updated excerpt from my DIY Therapy Chart: An Emotional Healing Guide book. I have removed the word ‘forgiveness’ which was listed as the remedy for GUILT, since I demonstrated in this article that forgiveness is unrelated to healing. I replaced that word with ACCOUNTABILITY.

For those who bought the original version of this book – assuming that you are reading this post – decide for yourself which remedy you want to keep. You may also use both depending on the situation at hand.

This change in my Chart book is linked to what will be happening to people all over the world in 2024 and beyond – the guilty will be held to account and the innocent will be set free. Natural Law, or God’s Law, has now thoroughly taken hold. 

The Cosmic Court Is Now In Session

All Rise

Judge Kronos (Saturn) Presiding

Here is the revised section in my DIY Therapy Chart book: 


Misplaced responsibility







GUILT is about self-blame: it is often what I call misplaced responsibility, which involves taking on the burden of a negative event(s) that is really somebody else’s responsibility. For example, if you are robbed late at night whilst walking along a street in an unsafe neighborhood, you may blame yourself saying “I should have known better. I deserved it.” However, even though you might have been able to make a different choice about going to that place at that time, you are not responsible for the mugging – only the mugger is accountable for that act. If you continue with this type of thinking, you will feel shame that will lead to unworthiness. As a result, you will make choices that will create negative life situations: this is a form of self-punishment. You may feel GUILT in relation to a wrongdoing (e.g. if you are the thief mentioned above), then take responsibility for your actions.

ACCOUNTABILITY involves taking responsibility for your wrongdoing, then taking some type of action to make amends. This restitution will bring about justice which creates balance. If you are suffering from misplaced responsibility, then make amends to yourself by acknowledging that you are not responsible for the wrongful actions perpetrated upon you by another. This will restore balance to your psychological health.

If you are an innocent suffering from misplaced responsibility (or guilt) enjoy the reckoning show as the guilty receive their just deserts. You may want to grab some popcorn while you’re at it.