The title of this blog post is taken from a line spoken several times in the movie, “The Blues Brothers.” It is derived from the Biblical references related to being “on a mission from God” (you may find the relevant verses here). I was recently reminded of this statement by people who want to know why I chose to study the Bible.

My interest in the Bible initially, was simply to learn what is stated within it. However, soon after I began my research, I learned that the Bible is of Hellenic origin. This means that major lies have been told to us about religion and history. So, my motivation for studying the Holy Book shifted to aiming only to reveal the original, Hellenic parts of it. Since I do not have the prototype in my possession, I have to rely heavily on my instincts which are sharpened by my ancestors – who were Hellenes – and God. This Divine help is what leads me to the right people and resources. Also, since my ancestors wrote it, the knowledge is already encoded in my DNA. This helps me decipher the real meaning in the Scripture.

Little did I know that all of this would ultimately lead to my real mission/purpose in life: to expose all forms of victimization. Many years ago, this was only related to the traumas of my childhood but it is now so much BIGGER than that… We’re talking about the abuse of humanity by those who have ruled it for centuries.

Over the last two-and-a-half-years, I have confronted these multigenerational abusers primarily via my articles on the Holy Scripture. (I also let them have it here & here & here.) I meant every word I wrote because they are guilty of countless heinous crimes against humanity. My vitriolic retaliation is nothing compared to what they deserve which will be foisted upon them by a force way more powerful than little ol’me.

Sometimes I think this mission is impossible but since I am already doing it, that proves it is doable. Of course, there are people who do not want me to do what I am doing. Some of them have underhandedly tried to interfere with my mission which makes me wonder… If I was just some crazy biatch, or a dumb wog from Down Under, why would they send so many trolls/agents to this blog in order to derail what I publish here? Could a nobody like me be a legitimate threat to the chosen ones? Lest I forget the ones who contact me via email pretending to want my friendship, or proposing a collaboration with them on some bogus project. Their shiftiness is wasted on me.

I have a message for the shifty ones: they should not mess with a missionary woman. This is because they are also messing with a force(s) that will seriously mess with them in return.

The Eurythmics song, “Don’t Mess With A Missionary Man” accurately explains my sentiments in the above paragraph, specifically the following verse: 

Well, the missionary man
He’s got God on his side.
He’s got the saints and apostles
Backin’ up from behind.
Black eyed looks from those Bible books.
He’s a man with a mission
Got a serious mind.
There was a woman in the jungle
And a monkey on a tree.
The missionary man he was followin’ me.
He said “Stop what you’re doing.”
“Get down upon your knees.”
“I’ve got a message for you that you better believe.”