I have written about my initial experience of celibacy in the following article: an excerpt from my autobiography.

Celibacy, I have discovered, takes much strength not only because I had to deal with other people’s reactions but also my own sexual desires. I had to get real about why I wanted sex and who I was going to do it with if I wanted to do it. Through some metaphysical study and my own healing journey, I realized the need to be careful about whom I became physically intimate with since sex is sacred and should not be messed with, or taken lightly. During any sexual act there is the following to consider: on the physical level, the exchange of bodily fluids and genetic material exposes me to the possibility of disease and unwanted pregnancy (I know that I am stating the obvious here, but how many people really think about these things before having sex?); on the psycho-spiritual level, I am vulnerable to the other person’s thoughts, emotions and pain. This does not mean that I become like the people that I have sex with but I can be affected by their energy the way negative people might drain me, or make me feel ‘bad’ when they’re around. The increased level of intimacy during sex means that this is far more likely to occur which will have longer-lasting and deeper detrimental effects. This is because there is an exchange of energy during sex even when there is no intercourse, or penetration of any kind (sex encompasses many different types of acts which I will not go into detail about here). 

Initially, I remained celibate for long periods of time in order to heal from childhood sexual trauma. I now realize that during those years, I was at my most creative up until that point in my life. More recently (since 2018), I have remained celibate after discovering my true purpose in life. This happened when I cleared significant ancestral curses from my individual Matrix (aura, energy field), so to speak. I believe that it changed my DNA and activated dormant parts of my brain, so much so, that I was able to recall profound knowledge about Creation and memories from my (Hellenic/European) ancestral lineages. I recalled ancestral traumas as well as memories of my priestly lines that were headed by celibate women. Women were free, educated, and athletic if they wanted to be: they were not pressured into motherhood, or anything else for that matter. Women ran the place but this did not mean that men were treated as inferior: they were equal.

We lived in a technologically advanced world – all of this knowledge stemming from Hellas/Europe. The difference being that technology worked in harmony with Nature. I have written about the pyramidal structures found in Hellas here, which seem to be advanced conduits of electricity (the tops have been removed). Everything in Nature was once freely available to all of Earth’s inhabitants: we are now moving back to this state of being in the material realm.

Celibacy involves taking back our psycho-spiritual power from other people since there is an exchange of energy during sex (as stated in the book excerpt above and in the following article). It also makes us greater conduits for higher level capabilities which include the gifts of prophecy and rapid manifestation, also known as, MAGIC.

It may all sound like a lot of wuwu to certain people but to those of us in the know, it is something we can attest to via direct lived experiences. The power that comes from such occurrences is the foundation upon which we can return to being the Sovereign/Self-governed beings that we were at the dawn of time.