Over the last two years, I have warned people about the agenda of the filth in control of the world in the following articles:

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What has been ramped up recently is the whole cashless/property-less society thing which will ultimately give them control over every aspect of your life. (All while they distract you with a fake war, extinction level warnings due to climate change, staged violence at the Oscars, and whatnot.) Some of you may be OK with this, so what I am about to say will not interest you. For those who want some semblance of a free life, the following may be useful to you.

I have heard stories from around the world of people not having access to their bank accounts if they don’t divulge private information. These people fell into the trap of paying for everything online, or via bank cards, which placed them in a very vulnerable position. What they should have done is pay for almost everything in cash. They should have also removed large amounts of money from their bank accounts leaving only enough to pay for bank fees and just a few things that must be paid for online. Cash can be saved in other locations and may be used for face-to-face financial exchanges. You may also use it to buy gold which has intrinsic value.

In the last two years, there has been a noticeable reduction in bank branches and ATMs in my hometown. The self-service checkouts in supermarkets are mostly card-payment types. They are making it more difficult to withdraw, and make payments in, cash. Keep making payments in cash whenever and wherever it is still possible for you to do so.

I have also discovered that PayPal is starting to limit the activity/access to business account holders who will not divulge personal information that they now insist is necessary to continue to have an account with them. This is a heads-up for anyone who uses PayPal, Patreon etc: the more funds you have stored in those places, or if you are dependent on them for your livelihood, the harder they will come down on you when the time arrives for them to do it.

The push towards non-physical forms of income (e.g. selling digital items, revenue from YouTube ads, etc.), is also a way to eliminate real jobs and money. Once again, they can just shut down your ability to earn the money, not pay you, or allow access to your funds, if you do not do what you are told.

The emphasis on the acquisition of debt, especially in relation to the purchasing of property, is another way that they can potentially make you poor/enslaved to them. For example, they can introduce laws that allow them to take your property if you miss only one payment (this may already be the case in some situations but I think they are going to amp this up in the next decade, or so).

If you already own property (land, dwelling) and you use it as collateral for a large loan, they may come up with some way of making it impossible to pay back the loan. This will allow them to take your property. If you need extra income, you can rent rooms in your home, allow people to use your land for a reasonable fee, and so on. You may also sell your property, then do as I stated above with the cash: store it outside of banks and/or buy gold with it.

An alternative to buying real estate without going into debt, would be to pool your funds with other people so that you can buy something outright: avoid debt because DEBT IS SLAVERY.

The more you look to doing things locally with relatives, neighbors and friends, the freer you will be. An example from my own life: during the lockdowns in my hometown – the most locked down place in the world – I was able to get my hair done by asking people in my neighborhood if they knew a hairdresser who was willing to work despite nonsense mandates. Lo and behold, I found one that was willing to travel to my home. Other people were doing this too, as I have recently discovered. There were many things like this going on all over the world: people started to homeschool their children, sometimes other people’s children, too; swapping, or selling items that were no longer needed by them, but desperately needed by others; bartering that involved the exchange of services as well as goods. It is time to get real creative in order to start a whole new world.