The Gods = the heavenly bodies (the Sun, moon and planets).

These entities are the Architects of Creation.

Many pooh-pooh astrology because they believe it is irrelevant in the material world but no… It is a watered-down form of astronomy: a Hellenic word meaning star (astro) and law (nomos). So, we are talking about Natural, or Physical Laws that govern earthly (and heavenly) existence. (The Bible is the ultimate Natural Law book: it’s the document from which all REAL Law is derived. This is why people swear on it when they go to court.)

The Planetary Shifts of March 2023

I wrote about these Cosmic chess moves during that time in this article and this one, too. In the second article, I dealt specifically with the Aquarian Age (which began in 2020) and the move of the God Hades (Pluto) into Aquarius in March of this year. I did foretell that there would be massive shakeups on the planet as a result of these planetary transitions.

The two Gods that rule Aquarius are Ouranos (Uranus) and Kronos (Saturn). What I did not mention in that post is that Ouranos – the God of the Sky – is also the God of Technology (which is inextricably linked to electricity). Given our reliance on technology/electricity – especially in relation to the internet and all things digital – we need to be prepared for issues in these areas over the next several years (possibly forevermore). (Solar flares also cause electrical disruptions.)

This preparation involves backing up all of our important information and documents in physical form (paper copies would be best: multiple copies of important documents stored at different locations would be even better).

It also means having alternative forms of communication since cell/mobile phones won’t work, nor will digital home phones. I can personally attest to this as can millions of Australians who were subjected to the Optus outage in 2023. We may have to go back to the analog system at some point in the future.

The importance of always having cash at hand to pay for essentials was also highlighted during that time.

What is rarely, if ever, mentioned in the mainstream media is the very real possibility that a massive solar flare/storm can take out the internet/power grid on a permanent basis. Funnily enough, there is a movie showcasing such an event. 

The electricity in the sky also relates to the weather – storms, tornadoes, and the like. There will be more of these types of events with little to no warning of them. This is connected to the sudden and unexpected occurrences associated with the God Ouranos.

The Real Reset

Three Gods are going to restructure the entire world over the next twenty years: I focused on Ouranos in the preceding paragraphs but I will now discuss Kronos and Hades.

Kronos is the God of Judgment: He will right wrongs.

Hades destroys what needs to be destroyed in order to make way for the new: He is the God of Transformation.

The collaboration of these Gods is going to create a proper earthly reset where only that which is right, good and true, will be favored. Of course, this does not mean that the planet will be perfect, but wrongdoing will be dealt with swiftly via Natural Forces (the Gods).