This blog post is specifically for those who still believe that they will receive any ‘forgiveness’ from me, when I have made it abundantly clear from all of the articles that I have posted on this website, that this is something I will not do. (I know they read my articles.) When I use the word “forgiveness” I am referring to its true meaning which I have explained in some detail in this article, but I will hyperlink all of the articles that I have written on this topic, at the end. I don’t do forgiveness.

I informed certain folks in a recent post, that my ancestors tell me what they are going to do, long before they do it. If these people think that they can come to me seeking ‘forgiveness’, I have the following (very Aussie) thing to say to them: “Mate, you are not the sharpest tool in the shed.” If you have done something wrong, admit it and move on. I am not interested in your two-bit apology. If you really, truly want ‘forgiveness’, go to your Rabbi, therapist, relative, or friend to get it ‘coz you ain’t getting it from me. 


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