Aries: I AM (Εγώ Είμαι)

Taurus: I HAVE (Εγώ Έχω)

Gemini: I THINK (Εγώ Νομίζω)

Cancer: I FEEL (Εγώ Νιώθω)

Leo: I WILL (Εγώ Βουλήζω)

Virgo: I ANALYZE (Εγώ Αναλύω)

Libra: I BALANCE (Εγώ Ισορροπώ)

Scorpio: I DESIRE (Εγώ Επιθυμώ)

Sagittarius: I SEE (Εγώ Bλέπω)

Capricorn: I USE (Εγώ Χρησιμοποιώ)

Aquarius: I KNOW (Εγώ Ξέρω)

Pisces: I BELIEVE (Εγώ Πιστεύω)

Now replace the word “I” with “Ego” – from the article I AM:

“I AM (Eγώ: Ego; Eίμαι: Ime).

Jesus Christ begins several passages in the Scripture with the words, “I am” – here are a few of them:

“I am the light of the world (John 8:129:5). 

“I am the resurrection and the life (John 11:25). 

“I am the way and the truth and the life (John 14:6). 

As stated in prevoius Biblical articles, Jesus Christ is an allegorical representation of the Sun/Light/Soul.

When he speaks, it is as if the Sun, or the Soul is speaking since the Sun represents the Soul/Self in the zodiac wheel. When Jesus says “I” in the original Hellenic script – Eγώ/Ego – he is referring to the Self/Soul: these are synonymous terms in both the Hellenic and English languages.

Ego = Self = Psyche (Hellenic word for “Soul”).” 

As I have stated in other Biblical articles, Western astrology came out of Hellas, as did the Holy Scripture in its original form. In the zodiac wheel, when the Sun enters each of the signs, it expresses the character of that sign. It is not only about our individual zodiac signature, because we all have each of the signs in our psychological make-up.

The first sign – Aries – embodies the individual: the Self. It is also the beginning of the Spring season in the Northern Hemisphere, when the Sun is resurrected. The Self/Sun is regenerated after the Winter, since Spring represents new life. This cycle repeats every year and is an indication of the cyclical nature of Creation, including our own psychology (birth-death-rebirth).